After pneumonia, Clinton releases medical info. On Dr. Oz, Trump weighs in at 267 pounds


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Trump weighs in at 267 lbs.

Biggest turd I’ve ever seen. Strange orange color too.


If you give him an enema, you can bury him in a cigar box.


What an irredeemable shit show your election is America! An irredeemable shit show, I tell you!


Pity the poor enema!


If your Trump appears to be orange consult a doctor.


I trust Trumps doctor, Mr. Zoidberg:


Sure the scale says 267 lbs - but 50 of that is Hair Club.


And 25 is spray tan…hey…he’s underweight for his height now.


267 lbs is pretty good for an android controlled by an alien disguised as a hair piece.


He’s a lizard person, sort of. The reptilian overlords are taking the piss, and only sent us three baby caimans and a marmot fighting it out in a human suit.



Sounds like one of them foreign names.
Why? Is she afraid to go to regular 'Mercan doctor?


Dr. Lisa Bardack says “she is in excellent mental condition,” and is “healthy and fit to serve as president.”

Oh yea well that’s not what I read on Breitbart!


Going back to Clinton…

Pneumonia is not a cold but a quite severe disease. Conversely, it isn’t something that’s so easy to catch - it needs some kind of extreme conditions (weakness, exposure to dire weather etc.)
Considering Clinton is a (very) wealthy woman, it suggests a person in a state of utter exhaustion and/or some kind of underlying condition which significantly weakens her.

In other words, the report most certainly very much underplays the issues with her health.


267? Damn. That is a lot of meat sack.


My wife pointed out to me that HRC seems to be wearing therapeutic eyewear.

I had thought that the blue sunglasses were sort of a cool fashion statement, and was reminded of Gary Oldman in Dracula, but in a good way.


You’re married to the National Enquirer?


No, to a Physician. She also had some issues with the published meds that HRC is taking, but mostly that they are sort of old fashioned. Her thyroid meds are made from ground up pig thyroid glands, and not what would be normally prescribed these days. Of course, it could be what works best for her. None of these observations are actual criticisms of her or her doctor. I thought the glasses thing was interesting, but I am a sunglasses person. ( Julbo or Persol)


So, your diagnosis, never having examined the woman, trumps (HA! Get it) the word of her doctor? I’m not so sure about that.


Well, can’t fault you on those.