After Roy Moore collapses in polls, Mitch McConnell denounces him: "I believe his victims"


He’ll come back around to Roy Moore after this recent unpleasantness dies down.


What if Moore wins, and then resigns? Or Congress refuses to seat him? ( I don’t know how that works.) Does the Alabama governor appoint someone?


In some fantasy world, Moore could say:

“I withdraw my candidacy. Please do NOT vote for me. I know my name is on the ballot, but if I somehow win the election, I will not serve.”

But that’s the same fantasy world where Bernie Sanders is President, so Jeff Sessions never vacated that seat in the US Senate :confused:



As obviously calculated as McConnell’s denouncement is, it’s still a good thing.


If there’s one thing that we’ve learned over the last year, it’s that polls now mean nothing. Don’t fuck this up by becoming complacent, my fellow rational Alabamians.


Let’s say Moore wins, the Senate can refuse to seat him, although that’s unlikely. There was some talk of not seating Burris, the fellow that Rod Blagovech of IL appointed after Obama won in 2008 and resigned his Senate seat, although nothing came of it.

If Moore won, and then resigned, the Governor of Alabama would appoint a new Senator (or put back in Luther Strange, the guy who he had appointed to take over for Jeff Sessions) and a new election would presumably be held within 120 days (or whatever the clock is for these guys).


He is on the record as saying the reason he changed from pro-choice to anti-abortion is because it was better for his political career, so… No.


He’s going to stay in, he’s going to win, the GOP will find it within themselves to forgive as they would want to be forgiven and he’ll maintain the balance of the Senate while sitting on the judiciary committee, because it’s 2017 and that’s how our country works.

I’d love for my overly cynical take to be proven wrong, but could anyone really be all that shocked if/when I’m right?


So even with another victim coming forward he still is in the race.

“Mr. Moore attacked me when I was a child,” Nelson said, adding that she was 15 when he began flirting with her and 16 at the time of the alleged assault. "I want Mr. Moore to know that he no longer has any power over me."

But, then again 16 is legal in Ala. Will somebody please change that.


I was going to post that till I saw you had.

But, you know, the Republican party as a whole didn’t come out against Hitler till nearly 1943. And that was only because the Germans and Japanese were allies.
Who cared about the Jews anyway? You didn’t meet any at the golf club.


"In an emotional news conference, Beverly Young Nelson said Moore groped her and tried to force himself on her in his car behind the restaurant where the then-16-year-old worked.

Nelson, appearing alongside attorney Gloria Allred on Monday, said the incident occurred in 1977. She said she pleaded with Moore, then the assistant district attorney of Etowah County, Ala., to stop.

“Instead of stopping, he began squeezing my neck, attempting to force my head onto his crotch. I continued to struggle,” Nelson said, adding, “I thought that he was going to rape me.”

Nelson said she either fell or was pushed out of Moore’s car, which she said sped away, “burning rubber.” She said she had black and blue marks on her neck following the incident, which she covered with make-up."


McConnell spent million$ to help Big Luther Strange win the nomination. Strange was going to be a good boy and vote which ever way Big Daddy McConnell told him. Now McConnell would rather have the Democrat win. It does sorta give McConnell another excuse for not getting anything done.
Whatever way this election turns out, my guess is McConnell and his ilk are going to get clobbered in 2018. They’re just all talk and no action.


Its scary how much our nation is being saved due to the laziness, incompetence and short attention spans of those who seek to destroy everything it stands for.


My optimistic self wants to believe Jones could take this; my realistic self thinks you’re probably right.



Good god, what is that horse doing in Mitch McConnells bed!?


Is it a full horse or just a head? Because after how hard Trump pushed Obamacare repeal…


It’s probably not legal to assault persons over 16 or any age in Alabama.


In January the Alabama legislature will be debating a measure to eliminate special elections, and hold interim appointments to the next general election. That means that if Moore wins in November, and this measure passes, the establishment could force him out at the end of January, and the dreadful governor could then appoint a 2-year replacement. I imagine this is hugely preferable to both the local and national GOP than having a Democrat win, and probably the real reason so many of the local Republicans have been standing by Moore.

As far as how to get him to resign in January, the answer there is a deal: you resign, we won’t prosecute you for statutory rape.