After successfully delivering dinner a Doordash driver paused to defecate in this building's lobby

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Gross… but how much you want to bet the guy did not feel he could stop to use a restroom because in the gig economy, if you’re not always hustling, you’re literally unable to pay your rent…


Next time Mister, use the bathroom, OK…



What bathroom? Where? How many apartment buildings have you been in that have a public bathroom in the lobby? I’ve been in zero, myself.


Or that the building management in doormen buildings on that day’s route didn’t let delivery people use the guest bathroom off the lobby.

There are other alternatives of course, like fast food joint bathrooms, but (as you note) the demands of the gig economy may make that pit stop unaffordable.


She might have been sick and couldn’t hold it. To her credit, she attempted to blow mud in the trash can instead of deliberately doing it on the floor. Too bad the bushes out front weren’t an option that came to mind.


This. And @gracchus, the additional refusal of local establishments denying use of the bathroom unless you are a paying customer.

It’s like this in downtown San Diego often, because many establishments try to discourage the homeless from using their facilities.


yeesh. . .



“I did NOT order the number two!”


I expect the nearest bathroom they are likely to have access to is in a restaurant (and if it is one they are doing a delivery from they are more or less a customer).

That may be too far if the “demand” was unexpected and urgent… (or if they did a multi pickup and are only part way through a multi drop off)


I would not be surprised if many restaurants ban doordash and other delivery drivers from using their bathrooms, depending on the type of restaurant… fast food or fast casual? They probably don’t care. But I bet higher end places don’t like delivery people use their restrooms.

If a hazmat crew was brought in, that could be the case…


BackDoorDash Driver.

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That’s not what I meant when I selected “Drop it at the door.”


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They drive those Amazon delivery vans like they’ve stolen them sometimes, doesn’t matter how busy the street is they’re gonna jam that thing up on the pavement right outside the front door if they have to but i try to give them a pass knowing they’re on the clock and probably have a cab full of bottled piss.


Also, a lot of public restrooms have been closed due to “pandemic restrictions”, so if you’re driving from spot to spot, there may previously have been bathroom access that simply wasn’t open anymore.

Someone who is functional enough to be a delivery driver isn’t doing this (if you’ll excuse the phrase) for “shits and giggles”. There’s something clearly wrong systemically if your food delivery drivers are crapping in lobby trashcans (or your Amazon line workers are peeing in bottles)…


“In ten years we’ll have AI and autonomous vehicles” they told the investors…


I got to know:
Did the driver get stiffed on the tip and was that the driver’s response to a lousy/non-existent tip?

I jest, but the circumstances leading up to this is societies attempts to make that “someone else’s problem” meeting the “law of unintended consequences.”

i hate the gig economy and the way it uses and abuses people. I refuse to order food from these third party companies. i either pick it up myself or, very occasionally if i have to, use the restaurant’s own delivery service. Im sure the restaurant delivery people don’t get paid much either but at least i can tip them well and they can probably use the bathroom at work.


There are only three scenarios for what happened 1. He was about to shit his pants amd there was no bathroom( in which would have did the same)
2. The customer didnt give direction on how to fine their apartment and they got lost 3. Waited for food for a while then a Far driving distance and small tip.