After wins, Biden's job approval ticks up

These elections hinge on a few thousand votes here and there. It’s not a matter of what the people want; it’s a matter of turnout. And these support polls are gauging how likely the tiny portion of semi-apathetic voters who ultimately decide outcomes are going to go.


AND a matter of exposing and otherwise countering the many ways that Republicans are currently rigging and getting ready to overthrow elections.


I think there’s a lot of importance being put on opinion polls these days and this feels polls outdated thinking to me. Are a majority unhappy with Biden? Yeah, sure. They aren’t going to stay home or vote for someone else, though. Those that will anyway aren’t likely to be saved.


If the Dems could co-opt the phrase “Lets Go Brandon” as pro Biden, conservatives heads would explode. I can see some dumb maga schmuck looking at the rolls of LGB stickers he bought and wanting his money back.


I think they’d be fine if they added the caveat “42 percent of 1,000 registered voters who are still willing to answer the phone when it’s an unknown caller…” Then in the fine print, they can further clarify that modern polls have long represented some subset of Americans willing to talk on the phone to a stranger about their opinions.

Here’s my caveat: I never conducted a poll nor took a course in statistics. Ask your doctor about statistics. Do not use statistics if you are allergic to statistics. Discontinue statistics if rash or swelling occurs. Do not taunt statistics.


It’s standard Sneetch protocol. Coopt their message and turn it back on them!

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