Against all evidence, city of Savannah claims googly eyes glued to Revolutionary War statue are "not funny"


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Actually, it is a little bit scary/creepy.


It does look funny, and it is is goddamn awesome!


If I move from one side of my monitor to the other, it’s like they’re following me! :flushed:


It’s not funny, and Savannah wants to speak to the manager right this minute.


I got this feeling, somebody’s watching me!



It’s not funny, it’s fucking hilarious! I guess we should be glad it was a Revolutionary War hero. Had it been a confederate, there would be mobs in the street. Please, if the perp thought this was, in fact, a confederate monument, don’t tell us. Our side cannot afford to be stupid. The right outclasses us at stupid by orders of magnitude.


The following is the one time adding googly eyes didn’t make something funnier (ok, it’s still a little funny):


Why deny the obvious, child?



After removing the offending bits from the statue, police state, “we’re keeping an eye on the situation”.


You know that puns are the .lowest form of humor, right? :roll_eyes:



I’m hardly an expert on the place, but I’ve been a few times and the City of Savannah likes to be weird and mysterious, as long as all weirdness is done strictly according to the zoning laws and/or outside the historic district. This particular and peculiar reaction doesn’t surprise me.

I mean, it’s a southern city but it fully embraced The Lady Chablis, for instance, but that’s because it’s zoned for historically-significant drag performers.


Much like farts, googly eyes are always funny. Fact.


Especially where you least expect them!



Over react a little more. Self important city officials need to get over themselves.

When they say glued on, I assume them to mean the peel and stick contact paper on the back?

It’s like people calling the cops on kids playing with sidewalk chalk and trying to get them charged with vandalism.


“no laughing matter”

I mean, even if you don’t think it’s funny, it’s definitely a “laughing matter.”