Alabama Senate leading candidate Roy Moore refers to Native Americans and Asians as "reds and yellows"


He put it on his fucking Twitter account. What a piece of shit.


To be fair, that’s a sweet little song he quoted. It’s kind of a 1940s anti-racist song. It hasn’t aged well, but the sentiment is all right. I’d prefer if he joined Antifa, but you know, baby steps.


He’d probably say the South was just “temporarily embarrassed.”


Testing. God is only testing the south.

It’s a fine line between punishment and testing, it just depends on which side of the imaginary line you fall on. That god is a fickle bastard.


Well if people treated each other the way Jesus told them to, we wouldn’t have those problems. Believing in God won’t do anyone any good if they don’t follow through with treating each other with kindness.


We’ve already had this discussion, via Preacher and his misguided attempt to make Quincannon ‘serve god.’

There’s too much room for misinterpretation from person to person, and then there’s the fact that not everyone believes in Jesus or his teachings.


Happy to hear he looks forward to a country united by its Catholicism or Mormonism.


Or Islam. Same God, last time I checked.


True, but for those that do, they are too caught up with the various details and personal lives they forget the very basics. The Golden Rule. Treating everyone else like a brother/sister. If we did that there wouldn’t be homophobia, xenophobia, racism, islamaphobia, calls for a wall being built, hatred of the poor, etc etc etc. His calls for belief are empty and hollow if that belief still allows them to harbor any hate in their heart for their fellow man.


While it predates Christianity, the main problem with the Golden Rule is that too many people willfully misinterpret it:


Guess which candidate Breitbart/Bannon/Mercer is backing.

Also: “Dr. Sebastian Gorka to Campaign for Judge Roy Moore Alongside Sarah Palin in Alabama”


Interesting because Trump is backing Strong. I figured Moore decided to go with this racist language to get Trump to support him.


So long as it isn’t seen as a loss for Trump, I don’t think he really cares who gets it.

Bannon is hoping for a win so that he can act like he’s still a player, even though Breitbart has little to do with Moore’s strength.


It seems to me that 9-11 equally punished believers. It also punished firefighters and first responders of all stripes. And then in the aftermath lots of people in the military were punished along with Muslims around the world.

What was his point again?


His point?

“Be my religion, or else my god will kill you all.”

That and “stay my religion, or god will kill you.”


"This is the gospel. If we take it seriously, America can once again be united as one nation under God."



Somehow I doubt Catholics, Orthodox, Mormons, and most Protestants are going to be particularly welcome in that theocracy, let alone anyone not Christian. I still think the chance of a future Southern Baptist Inquisition is not zero.


Intolerance is not tolerance. Got to love how these assholes are always talking about everyone working together in harmony to promote and enforce what the assholes themselves just so happen to personally prefer.


“This is the same crackpot who told CNN last week that 9/11 was probably God’s way of punishing non-believers.”

But don’t ever suggest there could be any link between climate change and stronger hurricanes. That would be insensitive.


I can’t say exactly… but he did come off sounding like a terrorist (death to nonbelievers).