Alex Jones begs for forgiveness in panicked "emergency message" to Trump (video)

No worries! I figured I’d mention it in case anyone thought that the ICP was somehow endorsing the Orange Idiot.


Playing both sides of the Q crowd, IMHO. AJ showing any degree of contriteness is only going to be true when he can rally people to his side.

And there it is. The Media is really to blame, not him. Those sneaky edits put words in his mouth! :roll_eyes:


A man who makes 100m a year is crying poverty over a decision that will be reduced by Texas “tort reform” laws to a maximum of $200,000, so he’s hoping to milk his cocaine squints to 200m in purchases of soy and mercury-based brain tonics and viagra-laced “herbal” dick pills this year.


Eat, fight and stab one another in the back faster, please.


I’ll smoke to that.


Seeing Alex Jones with a microphone is like seeing a chimpanzee with a machine gun. You know nothing good is going to come from such a situation


Wow, there really is no filter between that huge mouth and that dinky brain, is there?
(Referring to Jones. (and the Orange Blowhard, and MTG, and Bobo, etc, etc, etc…))


I dunno. Trump loves this kind of groveling. Maybe he’ll forgive him, as a way to set an example.


He might pretend to forgive him then throw him to the MAGA wolves later.

I would prefer he were eaten by real wolves, but maybe old, sick ones so his foul meat doesn’t taint the food chain.

I apologise for using the word “taint” and any associated images that may have caused.


Large portions of the Republican party have been quietly ditching Trump in favor of DeSantis, seeing him as the more useful fascist. But when Trump’s legal troubles with the FBI started, the party realized it needed to rally around him. Jones apparently didn’t get the memo, and did his pro-DeSantis message at just the wrong time.

It really shows how Jones isn’t some weird fringe dude, but very much marching in lock-step with the Republican party as a whole in many ways. He’s always looking to see where they’re going and changing course to match (but sometimes doing so too late, apparently).

I suspect the opposite - that the full context isn’t actually any better for Jones, as he wasn’t wildly taken out of context by the fake news media, as he’d like Trump to believe. He knows Trump won’t actually watch it, so he can say whatever he wants to about the content to try to mollify Trump.

Trump loves it when people who were against him bend the knee and pretend to love him. (It shows his power over them, his ability to make people debase themselves.) He’s far less forgiving for people who strongly support him, and then don’t (sufficiently support him, in his view) at a later date, even if they backpedal. That’s a betrayal.


Citation needed.


Beautifully put.



I get what you’re saying, but I think assuming Jones is dumb is probably not a good thing. Sure, that’s the act, but in reality this man is going to still clear a massive profit, has likely offshored or hidden enough of his funds that will never be recouped, will never see a day of jail or any serious penalty, and that kind of belies the whole “he’s an idiot with a dinky brain” thing. He’s literally grifting AFTER losing multiple lawsuits on the same grift and it’s WORKING. And he’s hiding the money and is probably going to get away with it.

He’s a fucking evil man who is very, very good at what he’s doing, and pretending he’s some kind of moron misses that he’s still going to walk out of this with hundreds of millions of dollars.


Oooh, a post featuring the two future subjects of the obituaries I am looking forward to reading the most.


and he’s smoking to what @Melizmatic said, too.


Is it just a coincidence that this article appeared on BB right next to another one titled “Great Danes kill their owner?”

Note that Jones addresses his message to “Mr. President”, a convenient way of letting him claim it was actually addressed to Biden when it suits Jones’ purpose.


He’s evil, yes, and a professional grifter, yes. But he is also a moron.

It’s incredibly hard to keep pushing snake oil without starting to believe your own bullshit. :ox: :poop:


Only it’s not an organised party, not even an organised rabble like the brownshirts. It’s more of a murmuration of fascists, and sometimes when the flock changes course, some individual components of it get confused and end up splatted across a window. The flock doesn’t notice, and continues on.