Alex Jones guilty in Sandy Hook defamation cases

How long before the Mar-a-Lago Mussolini chirps in? He was a big fan of Jones.


Following the Trump publicity model, now he is a victim of the system that’s rigged against him, he “protected his sources” or whatever other BS, and can market himself accordingly.


Why not both?



I’d add another choice, the ostrich defense:
Jones is so immature and in such denial, he would rather avoid dealing with a lawsuit, and suffer full, unmitigated consequences of this avoidance.




So, according to the linked article, this means the case goes directly to a jury to determine damages:
The ruling in the Connecticut lawsuits essentially mirrors a Texas judge’s decision in late September to default Jones in three similar defamation lawsuits filed by victims’ families there amid similar accusations that Jones repeatedly ignored orders to turn over records to the families’ lawyers. Now the lawsuits in both states will be turned over to juries, likely sometime next year, to hear the extent to which Jones’ conspiracy theories harmed the families.
Hmmm… ‘likely sometime next year’…

The moral High Ground would be to hope he doesn’t DIAF… but would still satisfy most of your requirements & would only need one incident.
I, for one, would truly lament such a fate for one such as he… [fingers crossed]


Would it be a civil rights slippery slope if after all reasonable process that documents and such were forcibly seized?

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Did he get COVID?

I hope he got COVID.

I hope he gets COVID.

I hope he gets it over and over.


I’d rather he not get anything that he can then harmfully spread around the community. I think he’s done quite enough of that!


In the american system, it’d be trivially easy to get a local sheriff’s office or PD to trump up a warrant to search his place for drugs.

Judges sign off on fabricated/fraudulent no-knock raids as a matter of routine. Cops never get punished for it. Even when there’s documented proof of what happened.

Then they’d go and SWAT the Jones compound and probably at least a few people will get shot or blown up. All the cash and valuables can be seized via civil and criminal asset forfeiture. Including computers and documents.

FWIW I’ve heard he has a reputation for juicing. So maybe they could even do it “legitimately”.


good point


He had his chance to supply the information to the courts- game over.

Makes one wonder what additional malfeasance that may have brought to light.


Is he wandering around wearing a burlap potato sack like a 1930s hobo stereotype yet? If not, he’s not getting charged enough for the harm he’s caused.


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