Alex Jones -Preacherman?

Following on from previous topics about Alex Jones, Infowars and his various legal problems (and complete fucking all-round incompetence), he’s now received a shit-ton of more money and the latest ep. of Knowledge Fight seems to me to show an even greater dose of batshit godbothering than previously.

I’m calling it now - this is a trial balloon/start of pivot for the reinvention of Alex as a religious figure and go on the evangelical nutjob circuit.

The right-wing fuckjobbery in the US seems entirely centered around weird US-evangelical religious extremism so they might as well grab the legal exemptions that the US grants to religions while continuing to do exactly what he has been all along.

He knows he can generate more money pretty much any time he wants so a corporate or even personal bankruptcy is irrelevant to him.

Question to those with more knowledge of US laws, does that seem plausible?

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