Alex Jones says he's ready to "gut his neighbors, skin them, and chop them up" for food

Please don’t insult lizard people :slight_smile:


Once again, it’s not a joke.


So they could inflict them on others. Sigh…


Yes, I know that white supremacists are using it as a dogwhistle, and it’s a dangerous/harmful meme to propagate, but I said that only half-joking, because it’s a bit awkward to see “lizard people” used as an insult here at BBS (there’s a large subset of furry subculture that has lizard avatars - see my profile pic).

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Again… he promotes the protocols as real. :woman_shrugging:

But sure. I’m bigoted against the furry community.


I’ve never claimed otherwise, the only thing I said about Icke is this:

You aren’t, I just wanted to explain context of what I said.

I agree completely.

Attacking you is not my intention, sorry if it seemed otherwise - English is not my first language.
edit: I know what probably went wrong here.
When I said:

because it’s a bit awkward to see “lizard people” used as an insult here at BBS

I meant politeruin’s post, not anything written by you, but without additional context it could be understood that way.

It’s his right as a Patriotic American?

I expect there is an Amendment for that in the Constitution.


Alex Jones thinks he can Unleash Primeval?

Can’t touch Paddy Chayefsky, I say:

Video and pics or it didn’t happen.


It’s the Right to Bear Arms from next door to your kitchen.
6th Condiment, I think.


Bear bare arms.


Why weren’t we ahead of this one? - Editorial Staff at The Onion




Here you go:

I cant link directly because it would mean releasing my whole gallery on Creative Commons license per BBS TOS, but if you switch to “gallery” tab, there’s a lot of my art, everything is SFW :slight_smile:
Some other people on FA make really cool lizard costumes, I like Arooki’s work:


Lizard People is a known (and harmful, and irrational) belief that has nothing to do with the lovely reptiles on our planet:

Doctor Who has even had story lines about it.

Meanwhile, the posters here have never been anything less than kind and supportive of our snake stories and photos (despite snakes being one of the most basic phobias known to humans), and another poster does weekly updates on their tortoise to high appreciation, so your claim that there is some sort of prejudice against the reptile world here doesn’t hold water.




Um, sorry but no. Actual lizards (squamata) ≠ scalies in furry fandom ≠ reptiliod conspiracy delusions.
(Formula commutative)

I realize you may not mean it this way, but when arguing against criticizing one of those operands on the suggestion that people can’t distinguish it from the other two operands, it derails from the topic, because context matters.


It is definitely not what I meant, it was a reply to Mindy’s post that is now deleted and it just doesn’t make sense without it. By saying “but without additional context it could be understood that way” I meant that something I said earlier could be understood as criticism of Mindy’s opinion, but I didn’t meant it that way, I just failed to phrase it correctly.
I don’t argue against criticizing conspiracy theories. In my opinion such conspiracy theories shouldn’t be used to criticize or insult political opponents (like comments about Stephen Miller earlier in this thread), because that spreads them further.

I know, and that’s why I half jokingly criticized politeruin’s use of this belief earlier in the thread. I wish people on the left wouldn’t use such harmful and delusional conspiracy theories to criticize political opponents, even jokingly because it spreads the belief further. Then I tried to explain and the tread got derailed - I’m sorry for that. I don’t claim that there’s any real prejudice here.