Alex Jones' staged 'on the street' confrontations make the WWE look like Shakespeare



Was that in Seattle?


I see what you did there.



That it was, and I feel dirty knowing he filmed there.


One of these days he is going to hire the wrong coffee throwing actor.


Oh FFS, is this the best clown they could find?


Patricia continues to prove herself to be my favorite Arquette.


I thought those looked like Metro buses.


The Bergman Luggage store gave it away for me.



This is how I imagine The Penguin would run if he were trying to chase down Batman.


If that hadn’t been staged, the coffee might have been scalding. Now who’s laughing?


I wonder how guerilla their shooting is? Do they have a shooting permit and crew to keep people away, or did they just hit the sidewalks and go for it? If any random person ends up in their video, they’d better have a model release.

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