In custody battle, Alex Jones is claiming to be a "performance artist"

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I feel like staking his legal position in a custody battle on the concept that his wife’s claims are unfounded, since he’s just a big phony, is basically throwing away the basis of his entire career to win a divorce settlement.

Go for it, Alex! Keep fighting to prove your show’s fake!


Regardless of my political position, as an art historian: ROFLMAO!!!


Time to dust off my copy of Spinrad’s Bug Jack Barron.


Bill O’Reilly said something similar during an interview with Stephen Colbert a few years ago when Colbert was still doing his Comedy Central show. Colbert, clearly taken aback that O’Reilly would openly admit such a thing, responded “If you’re an act… then what am I?


wait…are courts super-likely to give custody to performance artists all of a sudden? Where are we on mimes?


“I’m just a performance artist. You don’t need to worry about the effects of my words on impressionable children.”

“It’s just a joke. You shouldn’t take the implications that those people are lesser beings seriously.”

“I was trying to do right. You shouldn’t hold the fact that i didn’t think things trough or consider the possible consequences against me”

Actions have effects.
Intent is not magic.


Lol. As if mimes can have kids. How would that work?


Performer? Most certainly. Artist? Um…no.


I certainly wouldn’t leave Mr. Jones in the company of impressionable children, given an ideal world; but I’m also having a somewhat tricky time coming up with any reasons that don’t involve handwaving and appeals to my tastes that wouldn’t, say, apply equally well to most musicians who’ve ever scored a Tipper Sticker.

As a ‘performance artist’; I’d be inclined to put Jones as somewhere between ‘stop method acting before somebody gets hurt’ and ‘already devoured by stage persona’; but, again, playing “How sincere are his alleged sincere beliefs?” gets a trifle tricky.

If he has ever done something in person, particularly to family or friends, even slightly as incendiary as what he talks about on air; that would be a problem; but in absence of that we have a lot of deep crazy mostly aimed at distant abstractions(which is noisy; but far less dangerous).

I don’t like the guy; and I am a bit surprised that he became the primary custodial parent in the first place; but I’m having a difficult time coming up with reasons that couldn’t be turned against people I’d view as completely harmless or actively sympathetic by a family court that found them politically obnoxious.

Even if he isn’t playing a character(and his claims to be merely playing one I find possible; but not especially plausible); people angrily fulminating against assorted abstractions and distant targets are typically way, way, less scary than the polite, quiet, ones who have a really nasty jealous side; or are not to be safely approached when they’ve been drinking, or the like.

Does Jones have any history of uglier personal interactions of this flavor; or is it all just nuts at a distance?


I didn’t realize he was a father. As difficult as he was to take before, the idea that he’s had care of children is so much worse.


Sex inside a glass box counts as in-vitro fertilization, right?


“He’s playing a character. He is a performance artist.”

So professional douche bag then?


As opposed to the royal Douchebags, who are actually quite nice.


It’s an interesting move. He’ll want to say on his show that it was just a legal move, but his lawyer will surely advise against it lest he undercut any credibility of the claim. But it won’t actually hurt him that much with his audience. The conspiracy-theory-masturbating nutjobs that listen to him mostly fall into two categories. The ones who worship him and will gladly contort their soft heads around any inconsistencies. And the ones who already hate him for supporting Israel in his own twisted way, and for marring a Jewish woman which they won’t let it go now that they’re divorced because his show pays his alimony. Those two groups, the worshipers and the people for whom Alex Jones is insufficiently insane, will maintain their beliefs regardless of happens in the real world, so his ratings won’t particularly suffer.

More to the point, it really isn’t a credible claim unless he plays that character off the air. I can only speculate about what he’s like at home when he isn’t recording, but out in public he’s every bit as unstable as he is on the air, to the chagrin of anyone who has to interact with him.


I try not to hate anyone. This creep challenges me daily.


We are living in post-POST-modern times, so “performance art” can cover a heck of a lot, such as defecating into flaming salad bowls, and dropping dyed-water bombs onto unsuspecting nuns. But sometimes the ‘message’ can be SO confusing.


As far as humping the air? We’ll, I think that would depend on the distance between the two involved and the male mime’s… talent.


I’d find you a gif but Rule 34 runs deep and what has been seen can never be unseen.

The answer is out there, I’m sure, if you care to Google it a little. I definitely don’t.


Sounds like a ‘help wanted’ skill-set as requested by Trump in the classifieds.