Alex Jones threatens to sue comedian who prank-called him

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Isn’t half of his shtick/legal defense that he’s an entertainer, and so nothing he says should be taken seriously?


I wonder where the money is going to come from to pay the attorneys? I doubt many will do it pro bono nor on contingency over a matter like this.


He only wants to hypothetically suck Tuck’s nipples but is serious about doing it on his site.


Before listening I thought that maybe he had access to a real-time AI voice transformer. He didn’t, but, that’s coming, I’m sure. Like I said previously, this stuff is funny, until it isn’t.


Alex is dumb, dumb, dumb (and also racist, antisemitic, transphobic, queerphobic, fascist, and misogynistic) but it really doesn’t seem like he took very long to figure out what was up. His line about “well, you’d have to do it at infowars dot com” seems like a pretty clear “Ok, this is fake, let me just shout the name of my site over and over” move that he uses all the time.


A long time ago, a member of my family got prank called by a radio station running a spot. It caused said family member to have a massive panic attack and need a trip to the ER, which ran into the realm of tens of thousands of dolllars. There’s so much wrong with all of that, and eventually got compensated because apparently, it’s illegal to do prank calls on the air or broadcast (or now, on the internet) without informing the party in advance. It’s more or less now a scripted event.

So either this “comedian” violated a number of laws to do this and SHOULD be held liable for that and damages (and this is probably not the only person he’s done this to, he’s probably done this to far less shitty people than Alex Jones), or this is entirely a bit, a comedy routine done with full knowledge and permission, in which case it’s all an ad.


Chris has since put out a statement that he regrets doing this. He prank calls alt-right nut jobs in the interest of wasting some of their time and mocking them publicly to discredit them. Mostly he leaves messages, but Jones actually answered and he didn’t expect that.

To quote Chris, “Jones has been mining it for content ever since”. Basically Jones is fundraising off the event. That’s obviously the opposite of what Chris tries to do with his humour. A bummer all around. :confused:

On the plus side, Jones can’t touch him in Canada, so get bent, dude.

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Jones should have cottoned on when he got a call claiming to come from someone other than debt collectors.


Maybe he still thinks that he’s doing a great job hiding all his money from the courts, that ol’ Tuck was calling him to get some advice on how he can hide his money from oncoming legal action?


I’m with JorDan on this. Jones got a huge boost from this. He was plugging it all the time after it happened meantion prankester’s Twitter like he was getting paid for it.

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