All Los Angeles schools closed over 'credible threat' of terrorist violence

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Christmas comes early…

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[quote]“We get threats all the time,” said Cortines. “This was a rare threat”[/quote]Wha…?

I’m kind of curious what the distinguishing factor is here, but then I suppose that’s not the sort of thing the public should be informed of.


I assume it’s the fact that the email appears to have been sent from Germany.

I’m not sure why that elevates it, since you can just buy a euro vpn that looks like you’re doing things in Germany.


OH! Germany! They must be getting back at us for ending the 3rd Reich!

Also, how hard is it to spoof an IP address.

Also, how many times have attacks ACTUALLY been forecast?


Since you got me thinking about it I looked into how it’s handled here in San Diego Unified.

Typically it’s taken seriously there is something specific in the content of the threat to establish a real and imminent situation.

Saying “I’m gonna bomb the school” is not as credible as "I put a bomb in (location only easily known by someone who has been in the school). "

Fucking Germans, amirite?

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A bomb threat generally means that there is a paper due or some kind of big exam being given at a particular school, and they’ve always been taken seriously. (I remember my high school being evacuated in 1980/1981 and some FBI agents showing up because of one in a smaller town.)

These days, threats come more frequently and students are more knowledgeable in trying to cover their tracks. However, if it is a delaying tactic I’d hate to be the parents of that kid when the feds figure who’s behind the threat.


From the Guardian:

“We get threats all the time,” he said. “We do evacuate schools, we
do lock down schools, etc. We do not release students until we notify

“So what we are doing today is not different than what we always do, except we are doing this in a mass way.”

Threatening mass violence against children is totes normal? Really?? REALLY???

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It was fairly common when I was in school to have it happen once every year or so, and I was from a small town. I don’t recall them ever cancelling school.

700,000 students who could now make a potential threat through basically untraceable email or social media? I bet it does happen all the time. Kids threaten each other all the time too. Most of the time they are just threats.

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The ability to do this requires very little expertise and with near complete anonymity. I get that they have to consider all threats as viable but all we have here is someone with motivation and the ability to do a google search.

Hopefully they will have learned something from this. I expect the perpetrator will get caught only when they brag about it to their friends.

If the threat was so vague it could apply to over a thousand schools, how could it possibly be credible? For that matter, when is the last time anybody blew up a school? Did they phone in a bomb threat? The only examples I can think of were radicals in the sixties, who wanted to destroy banks but not people.

I call gross overreaction, but nobody ever lost his job for that.


The only “credible bomb threat against schools that was called in beforehand” that I can recall was in Die Hard With A Vengeance, and even that one turned out to be a fake bomb put in place to distract the police while the real heist was taking place.


Has anyone checked on the whereabouts of Jeremy Irons?


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What do you mean, Snape killed Dumbledore? SPOILER!

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