Almost half a million bucks worth of cocaine stuffed up nose of American Airlines plane from Colombia


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The airplane was reported to be showing signs of disorientation, increased energy levels, snorting, and a complete lack of smell.


Where does one even FIND a mirror that big?



NASA has a strict “No Razor Blades within 2km of the James Webb Telescope primary mirror” policy though.


The mother of all eight balls?


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But it flew a lot faster and needed less fuel. True, it landed sideways on the wrong runway at the wrong airport, but the airline is still pleased with the results and wants to repeat the experiment.


The flight crew said the cockpit was strangely limp.


The spoon hanging by the landing gear was another tipoff.


Jet planes are snorting runways under clear blue skies.


If you’re going to “misplace” two bricks of cocaine, don’t first report those bricks as found.


Not sure if ‘cool’ was what you wanted to say here.


Surely Alex Jones has a chemtrail angle on this story.


Pretty sure it was a 4-letter word.


and I thought “We love to fly and it shows!” was delta.


But it wasn’t FARC cocaine, and isn’t that the main thing?



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And it never stopped yapping…