American Carnage: the worst-case election day pundits fear

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Unfortunately, a very probable scenario. All the bad actors, the feckless ones, the ones not up to the challenge are taking their places on stage with a couple of weeks to go. Be prepared.


This. 100%.

Consider what supplies you need and get them soon. And hope like hell we won’t need them.


Waking nightmares, cool. Would love to see the best-case scenario.


I think it is fair to expect bad faith actions and arguments from the Republican Party, who continue to show they are willing to dispense with democracy in defense of power.


Exactly. Not just in the physical sense, supplies are always a good idea these days, but mostly prepare yourself mentally. If trump cheats the election and wins the despair is going to be real.


Easy. Overwhelming Biden win, called before bedtime. Reagan-esque level of landslide, no fuckery can change that and everybody moves on. Unlikely to happen, but we can hope. Get out and vote!


Have spent the last several weeks engaged in conversations with data scientists/people much older than me who have lived through a lot of elections and all signs so far are still pointing to a LANDSLIDE for Biden/Harris. Donny Smallhands has a very LOUD and obnoxious base, but they are much, much smaller this time around than 2016. Rightly or wrongly, Hillary just left a lot of people with a bad taste in their mouth and so they decided trump was the lesser of 2 evils and that is NOT the case this time. Seeing 200,000 and counting dead americans has been very sobering for people. trump is toast.


Voter turnout is going to be up. The asshole in The White House is not going to get any more votes than he got in 2016. The vast, vast majority of “extra” turnout will go to Biden/Harris. Biden/Harris will win the popular vote by 19 million votes and win the Electoral College by a comfortable margin.


Pundits don’t fear that: they thrive on controversy. It’s the ordinary people that should be afraid.


I really hope you are right.


Best case scenario is that he loses big and then leaves the country. I don’t give a rat’s ass if he evades prosecution. I just don’t want to hear from or about him ever again after January.


The rule in PA is that they can’t start counting the votes until the day of the election. I kind of expect that means that Philadelphia County at the least will start counting the mail-in and early votes at midnight on Nov 3, no? So those votes will be counted before the polls even open, or am I getting something wrong?

At present, I’m expecting that Trump will insist on waiting at least the 3-days until after the election before conceding, but I’m not sure that I buy this idea that the swing states are going to look like they flipped from red to blue after-the-fact.


Well that’s a very specific number. How did you come up with it?


I see a lot of people voting early this year. Supposed to be record numbers of early voting. I think many people are afraid their vote will get tossed out in the mail, and thus are doing alternative methods.

That is why I am going to the polls. I took the whole day off, got my N-95 mask and my KMFDM shirt picked out.


130 million votes in 2016 - up by 10% in 2020 - 143 million votes. The asshole got 62 million votes in 2016 - and he will not get any more than that (and likely less) in 2020. So 62 million votes for the asshole, 81 million votes for Biden/Harris in 2020.


Love the sentiment, but be reeeeal careful about wearing that shirt to the polls. Some asshole “poll-watcher” could object that it’s a political statement, and get you booted out.


As I’ve said before, it’s reasonable to expect right-wing political violence whoever wins. It might be state-sponsored (if Il Douche wins) or stochastic terrorism (if Biden wins), but we’re going to see it in greater intensity in various hotspots over the next few years as the far right continues to attack liberal democratic institutions from within and without.

The best reaction to this, of course, is not to despair but to resist. At least 30% of the population will happily accept a Russian-style autocracy or Syrian-style civil war, so at least half of the rest of us have to come back in defense of liberal democratic norms.

That attention junkie isn’t going to stop blathering after he loses. The question is, will the MSM and social media platforms stop giving him the special treatment and coverage he’s enjoyed while occupying the White House (unfortunately, I can predict the likely answer there, too).


A few months ago, I started paying attention to this. When toilet paper was in short supply, I started tracking another growing shortage. Just for informational purposes, please go take a look on the webz and try to buy ammunition. I am not kidding. Go search bulk ammo or other similar terms, visit the major retailers and then try to add something to your cart. There isn’t any. I’m not saying there is going to be any particular event like a second civil war. It’s still up in the air specifically what will happen and anybody who is saying they know precisely what will happen is trading in conspiracy theories. But I am saying this: lots of people are thinking the same things, and yes, America is very divided.

I sincerely hope, from the bottom of my heart, that you and the others predicting a Biden/Harris landslide are correct. My gut feeling is that Trump is going to get his ass handed to him. But the level of trickery up the R’s sleeves is a wild card. I hope they crash and burn. But still, I am not going to predict anything. I will wait and see. And VOTE. And get everyone I know to vote. And other stuff, too, not just waiting around. Trying to make this happen.


Welp. I guess we will see. Though judges and official watchers are bipartisan. For every R there is a D and some times an Independent.

Usually I wear my KMFDM Godlike shirt. The vintage one that says “Govern Your Soul” on the back.

Of course this is assuming it isn’t freezing out.