"American Nazi" profiled


Twitter has unverified the accounts of several white supremacists, alt-right trolls, and neo-Nazis. Jason Kessler, Richard Spencer, Laura Loomer, James Allsup, and Tommy Robinson have lost their coveted blue “Verified” checkmarks. Tim “Baked Alaska” Gionet has been suspended.

The white supremacists are unhappy about losing their status. Of being unverified, Richard Spencer whined (and I am not making this up) “It is a kind of depersoning of someone.”


Clarification: subconsciously or dog whistle?

Their influence in not being a Nazi site or in being a Nazi site? If it’s in not being a Nazi site, why do you care?


Fuck me, who shat their pants?

Something fucken stinks in here.

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Having now read “The Atlantic” article I can see why my post of a couple of hours ago was held for examination.

I still hate racists but this man is just a sad, demented troll. I bet it was the ketamine that twisted his mind. Ketamine works wonders in surgery but as a recreational drug? NOPE.

Did this racist POS say that without irony?


I am a part of the part that at first was all
part of the darkness that gave birth to light
that supercilious light
which now disputes with Mother Night
her ancient rank and space, and yet can not succeed
no matter how it struggles, it sticks to matter and can’t get free.

Most sublime Goethe ever…


Holy shit - its the weev.

Because he is a shitlord neo-nazi and revels in the memes and gnashing of teeth by “snowflakes”. LOL. I guess everyone needs a hobby, but at least my hobbies leave me with cringe inducing displays of Boba Fetts, and targets with hits in the 10 ring, and not being a complete waste of human skin.


Is it so wrong to be a non-Nazi ironically? Asking for a Nazi “friend”.

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I don’t think weev is being ironic.


That’s my point


After his trial he’ll be back in dreads. Still an avowed racist but he knows how to play the game.
That’s the one advantage white racists have over black racists. A White man can always change his hairstyle while a Black man will always be a black man, always. Doesn’t matter what political position, educational attainment, sports or entertainment skills, religion, or philosophy. The skin remains the same. I hate racists.


I support this hobby and I appreciate your willingness to share this with us. Thank you.

when I was younger I mailed in coupons for the Han Solo and Luke Skywalker figures in stormtrooper armor with removable helmets. may the force be with you, fellow traveler.


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