American toddlers have shot 23 people so far this year

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The only way to stop babies with guns is with EVEN MORE GUNS!


After we last discussed Responsible Gun Owners™ in regard to the story of the gun advocate who got shot by her kid while in the car yet lived, another mother was shot and killed in the car by her child.


Some people will own guns. Lock the shit up folks. This is fucking stupid.


Part of me wants to just say fuck it, let the toddlers keep killing their dumbass parents as that will be one less NRA contribution. But that isn’t really fair to the kid who is going to grow up with the memory of I killed mommy/daddy.


Won’t somebody please think of the children’s Second Amendment rights?!


Is that really something to say to a leftist gun owner. :wink:

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I feel like the “well-regulated” part of the second amendment has been forgotten by the most strident of second amendment advocates.

Look, I’m cool with folks owning guns. It’s part of USian culture if nothing else. But if we’re going to have guns, lets keep them regulated and controlled, you paranoid ignoramuses.


While not toddlers specifically, it’s unfair to the little girl who gets shot because she won’t let her neighbor see her puppy:


Hah! My snark has been known to misfire.


This week’s News of the Weird had a few gun-related items, including:

Transportation Security Administration announced on April 27 that its screeners had confiscated 73 guns from passengers’ carry-ons – in just the previous seven days! (Sixty-eight were loaded, and 27 had a round in the chamber.)

Seriously, America? This is per week?


I barely trust my three year old son with the entire clade of stick-like objects. I have seen him assault other kids with stuff as mundane as socks.

I am reminded of a stand-up joke I heard once: " The only reason your children haven’t killed you yet is that they aren’t strong enough."


Not meaning this to say I disagree, but there’s some interesting legal complications here from the DC v Heller Supreme Court case. (I originally said “interesting trivia,” but “trivia” by definition probably doesn’t apply to SC rulings). The 2nd amendment is read as being broken into two clauses. The operative clause “The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” is a distinct claim, separate from the declaratory clause “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state.” Since “Well regulated” clearly refers to the militia, it cannot be concluded to extend to the arms. Source:


People kill people, guns don’t kill people.

[note sadly the sarcasm]


I completely agree that there is no scenario where a toddler (4,5 yrs and under or however defined) should have unsupervised access to firearms.

CA has laws regarding child (under 18) and criminal access, not sure how effective they would be in any of these cases. I seriously doubt that people acting this carelessly would be worried or knowledgeable about such laws, I don’t think I’m a proponent for them, but I wouldn’t oppose their passage.

People are careless with powerful things :frowning: from 2010-2014 there was an average of more then 100 poisoning fatalities each year in the US for kids 6 and under.

ETA:removed unintentional double negative.


I’ve seen Full Metal Jacket. It starts with socks and very quickly escalates from there. Keep an eye on that kid. Maybe lock up your soap.

Also, that joke is what I’ve been saying for a long time about cats.


I certainly won’t say that guns, gun violence, gun storage, etc. aren’t a problem – but this statistic kind of lacks context. What other sorts of toddler fatalities have happened this year? Stabbings, for instance?


You just upgrade from a bar of soap to a rock or padlock and you are off to the races. :neutral_face:

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No doubt. My 2.5 year old did a full on two handed choke on me while I was carrying him to our table in a restaurant. Strong bugger too, hard enough I thought I was going to have bruising. If we had been at home that might had warranted a body slam from the kitchen island on to the couch.


I really can’t understand how anyone who owns a gun leaves it where children can get to it and loaded as well. I’ve known some people who carry loaded weapons for work reasons, and they’re pretty damn careful about keeping them out of the reach of anyone but themselves. I also know people who hunt, and they keep the guns and the ammo in separate locked vaults / safes when not in use.