Amid soaring Pokémon and Lego prices, thieves pull off a toy heist

Originally published at: Amid soaring Pokémon and Lego prices, thieves pull off a toy heist | Boing Boing

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I would like to see a Playmobil re-enactment of this.


There is very little I find more reprehensible than adults who buy up children’s toys to scalp sucker parents. Very first world problem, I know, but it’s just disgusting and another symptom of the me-first uncivil society we’ve built.


That, but also there is a decent sized community of adults playing Pokemon and collecting Legos. As a toy collector, scalpers suck. Online exclusive sell out in minutes thanks to bots.


It reminds me of how comics became the toy of middle aged white dudes that have too much money. It really saddens me because it results in the crowding out of the market where stuff that would usually be made for children get sidelined so the comic publishers can make things for adult readers. Maybe I’m just getting crotchety like Alan Moore but maybe he’s right that comic books were meant for kids and that there should be more room given to kids in such things be it toys, cartoons, or comics.


I wish the manufacturers/IP owners would take an activist role and “punish” the thieves by undercutting their own created scarcity of the goods and make them available for less than the original prices.

(Perhaps a tabloid accusation against the manufacturers/IP owners implicating them as being complacent with the theft. But I can dream…)

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