An analysis of Donald Trump’s election win and the prospects for his presidency


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That about sums it up.


Don’t get Fucked.
Get Active.



I wonder if he’ll simply be generally ignored.



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Fuckity McFuckerson is now Fake-President.


This is the second time I’ve seen you post this symbol lately. What is the provenance and meaning?


Protest sign art by Patrick Farley.

The United States is greater than Trump. We refuse to be defined by him.


Just guessing, but I’d say it’s approximately “red, white and blue is greater than orange.”


From Katie Mack:


We are Daphnis…???


A short summary from Esquire: how does Trump plan to deal with climate change, the Affordable Care Act, and LGBT rights?

Delete them.


For people looking for a more nuanced opinion of what a Trump presidency means, check out Yale constitutional law prof, Jack Balkan’s blog Balkinization. He’s got a theory that Trump means the end of reaganism and will likely precipitate a GOP implosion similar to the body blow the democrats took as result of the Carter presidency.

There is also an absolute evisceration (in the most dry academic way) of Trump’s legal arguments regarding the emolument clause.

JB’s blog is the best, and definitely the most dense, source of critical analysis of Trump from a constitutional perspective that I have been able to find.





The White House would be cosmetic surgery town were the first family to actually live there.


Yeah I just wish the rest of the country wouldn’t be so completely fucked over by it though.


Very well articulated.


Further analysis of the GOP.


I just IMd my wife to tell her how disoriented and angry I felt after reading a transcript of Trump’s speech. She wrote a few things back to me, but my favorite was:

being hopeful in a psychopath is not normal


This article appears to be channeling Douglas Zongker.

(Damnit, @Chaz1 beat me to it)