Angry Constituents Are Saving America From Trump And We Are Here For It


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This, on Inauguration Day, was a good omen.

I would like to propose that the alternative title to this Norman Rockwell gem be “The Right To Be Heard.” Those people in that audience are not standing for any shit, and neither are we:


And this is game plan. Find people near you. Coordinate. Plan.


I was wondering when Norman Rockwell was going to be referenced. Any one of those photographs (or several!) would make a great painting.


This is fantastic, American democracy at its best. I just hope that the Dems will see this opportunity for what it is (I know, I know…).


The spin from Rush I heard was that they’re actors, so its reasonable to ignore them. Which is what they’ll try to do (just being realistic unfortunately). Trump is setting up this mistrust of the media schtick so he can ignore every accusation as if it were just a fake attack. It’s definitely some kind of playbook move he’s going to keep employing from the looks of things.


Also, benefiting from and spreading FAKE NEWS, actually himself hiring actors for events and doing myriad other things that then set up a narrative of he-said-she-said when he accuses others. “Well, you said it about me, and now I’m saying it about you, it’s only fair!” …yeah, but then it was…true…ooooh. When all you’re trying to do is burn things down that are getting in the way of you and the other oligarchs getting rich, burning yourself in the process isn’t such a big deal.


I wish they were this passionate before the election. McConnell is enjoying this.

“Winners make policy, losers go home”


Something only a person whose team “won” on a technicality would say…


Like this guy, but angrier.

I am glad people are showing up to be heard, I just hope our representatives listen.


The TGOP gets some comeuppance, more to follow…


My Lyft driver this morning was listening to CSPAN radio[0] and this line has spread to those who listen to Rush and his cronies have now started calling into other shows with. Right up there with the “paid protesters” line.

On that note, my wife and many friends who marched in the Women’s March are still waiting for their paychecks.

[0] Joys of living in the DC metro area.


I hope so too. I’m just cynical enough to still think this is the only way to make them really listen…


HAAAAHAAAA! He was yelling at the wrong guy! Oh those sheisty Representatives, they’re too slick for us.

Sadly, I can absolutely see GOP fucktards trying the “John Barron” approach…


Table turning, hallmark of a bad character.


Know them by their awkwardly long neckties.


Obamacare allows my son to remain on his mother’s insurance a few more years, which is good because he is epileptic. Without guaranteed issue, he would be uninsurable. Without prescription medication, he might well be dead.

Thanks, Obama.


That sure sounds like one of those pesky “pre-existing conditions”, another term I’m not looking forward to hearing from insurance companies again when they can start denying my claims again.