An animator's sketches from the LA County Jail



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I’m guessing that they’ve been swamped with hits :smile:

Really good stuff. So what was the court order violation?

It all becomes quite insane when you find out what the court order she violated was. It appears to have something to do with the miles and miles of irrelevant, harassing, non-sequitur comments she was posting on (famous animator) John Kricfalusi’s blog. Allegedly, of course.

Note to Boing… She wasn’t in jail because she couldn’t post bail, she was in jail serving an actual sentence for violating a court order:

In June 2014, I was arrested for violating a court order. I bailed out
on July 3. But because I had no money and an overworked public defender,
I knew I’d have to serve time for my violation.


I got in before it went down. A damming (though depressingly not unrealistic) portrayal of prison life for this person.

A lot of the issues seem to be due to treating prison (for any reason) as punishment of those who deserve punishment. Therefore the ones in prison and who work in prisons take it upon themselves to punish the ones in prison.

For my money (and it’s not my money in this case as I’m not a resident or citizen of the US or LA County) prison should have the following goals:

  • Remove dangerous people from the population when necessary. (and hopefully temporary)
  • Provide for education and rehabilitation programs to combat recidivism. (Focus on re-integration to society)
  • Mental Health programs when it would help with the above.
  • Temporary detention for flight risk during legal proceedings.

This list of course doesn’t address everything, but I think a focus on rehabilitation would serve society better. It is human nature to want to have those who have done you wrong to feel pain and suffering for what they have done, and that I think is why we allow horrible conditions in prison.


Why didn’t Bakshi pay for her legal defenses? I don’t think you’re a protege if no one protects you.

Glad to see I’m not the only person who googled around and found this. She violated a restraining order and went to jail. Yes, the prison system in the US sucks. Doesn’t mean BB should just casually imply the person in question got shafted by the legal system when, in fact, she screwed herself over and was punished accordingly.

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Reasons I can think of…

-Bakshi isn’t rich and is really semi-retired now
-Fighting it would probably take longer than the sentence.
-Fighting it would probably fail anyway.
-Bakshi has a previous (much longer) working relationship with John K so he’s rather in the middle on this conflict.
-She says she’s his “protege” but that may be overstating it. She worked on his most recent short.
-Sometimes you need to let someone take their lumps when they ignore good advice.

Yeah, i’ve been following this. The posts on the blog are a bit distressing. Maybe jail time was not in order, but psychiatric help.

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Punishment is not what correctional facilities are for. Everyone in there is being shafted.

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Interesting that it’s John K. who had a restraining order against her since her drawing style is so similar to his. Did she go full superfan-turned-creepy-stalker?

apparently so, yes.


Oh dear, that was some creepy stuff.

Sounds like she wasn’t quite there to begin with. I truly hope she got the help she needed while she was in there though I kind of doubt the LA County jail is much good for that sort of thing. She’s certainly got some talent at least.

That’s fucked up. The hell of it is, an lot of the stuff she describes is degrading and shitty just for the sake of being degrading and shitty, and it says a lot about our society that apparently a majority of us are okay with that. In a completely separate issue, from what I read, it sounds like she really didn’t belong in jail anyway, but rather somewhere where she could get mental health treatment. It seems pretty clear that getting thrown in jail didn’t do anything to make her less crazy.


I feel the same way. I can’t blame John K. for wanting to keep a mentally unstable stalker the hell away from his life, but it sounds like she needed therapy more than she needed incarceration. Unfortunately our society seems to put a lot more emphasis on punishment more than it does on harm reduction.


Given that she wasn’t granted a reasonable defence, we can’t know that.

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