Anakin Skywalker in middle age


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He’s The Black Hole-era Maximilian Schell.


It just occurred to me if Luke &co are from a galaxy far far away, then they couldn’t possibly be human. I wonder what they are?



(real answer: SW is space fantasy not science fiction)


The people of Westeros don’t live on any continent you could find on a globe of the Earth either. Just let it slide.


Wait, what exactly do we know about Luke & co’s biology? Sure, they may look human but maybe that’s coinciden

They settled on Earth eons ago after being driven away from their ancestral home by Cylons.


I’d just like to thank this person for waiting until after the franchise was outside of Lucas’ control before doing this, lest we have yet another badly conceived moment of CGI retconning inserted into Return of the Jedi.


Huh. For the first time I realize that I’d kinda like to see a one-off “What If?” movie starring this guy as an aging Anakin Skywalker who actually ended up resisting Palpatine’s temptation, like Luke did.

Wonder what that galaxy would be like, if the nascent Empire had been smothered in its cradle.


It would depend on the moment of resistance.

Watching the Clone Wars, it looks like the whole event was one big test to see who would make the better apprentice: if the answer is Anakin, kill off Dooku, destroy the separatists, and rule the galaxy as Emperor Palpatine. If the answer is Dooku, kill off Skywalker, use your power to pull down the Republic around your head, and rule the galaxy as Emperor Sidious.

If Anakin Skywalker had resisted temptation, the only difference may well have been that when the time came for the Empire to fall, Luke (or his analog) wouldn’t have been able to turn Palpatine’s apprentice against him.

Then again, if he resisted temptation after Dooku died, then yes, the Empire may never have happened.


That can’t be Anakin; his face is displaying a tiny amount of emotion.


What, you think that you and your fellow humans on earth are any more real?

Think of all the computer simulations of reality that will ever be run, just given another couple centuries of computer advances. There will be untold millions, billions or more. Complete with simulated “thinking” humans.

Thus it’s vastly more probable that you’re in a simulation than in the real world.

You might be in a game where people get to role-play as a 21st century President. Some players (Dubya) are worse than others. That Trump kid gets to play next.

Or maybe the simulation started when you entered the room and sat down in front of the computer, all your memories and the scenery out the window randomly generated on the spot. And I’m just the simulation owner messing with you via the BBS.


All of this may just be the result of an extra-cosmic script kiddie’s bad cut and paste job?

That would explain some things actually.


It’s weird that just three minutes after I made that post, someone posted a new topic about Elon Musk saying the same thing. Which is probably not enough time to read my post, find Musk’s claim, and go through the posting process.

I think the simulation owner is messing with my head.


Uh oh. There may be a thread safety bug in the simulation.


Sure, but some possible answers are just so much fun. Like maybe the Jedi are actually tentacle monsters, but they’ve been whitewashed by Hollywood.


I was just assuming the cusp was when he decides to kill Mace Windu rather than help him, but yeah, there were certainly plenty of potential crisis-of-conscience moments available to him before then.


They could have been taken there say 10,000 years ago by the alie OH I DON’T KNOW


Anakin Skywalker in middle age morph of @SoNotAJumper (Young) and Sebastian Shaw (Vader)

Kinda looks like @mcgregor_ewan (Obi-Wan!)


What I keep seeing in the end result is a morph between Jonathan Frakes and Wil Wheaton. Works for me - hire either one of them.