Star Wars: The Force Awakens, photos by Annie Leibovitz


Ouch, that’s quite a typo - he packed for the planet Goth.


You know nothing, Kylo Ren.

Is that a parking lot lamp post in the background? Is he looking for his car?


Planet Goth of the Traffic Lights: look over his left shoulder.


Do Wookies not go grey? I imagine Chewie will lumber a little more slowly, they might have aged his look a little too.

Seriously does anyone have the same hair style they did in 1977?


Wookies live several centuries. “Middle age” starts around 300.


So the denials were right. It’s not Tatooine, but rather the desert planet of Jakku.

Tatooine is not the center of the universe after all. its they farthest place from it.


Yeah, Tattooine was just where the future Sith Lord Vader grew up, as well as his hidden son, and also where the secretly exiled former Jedi master of the Sith Lord Vader lived, and where the protocol droid the Sith Lord Vader built there as a little boy returned in a crashed escape pod along with an astromech droid that had been the future Sith Lord’s trusted companion during the clone wars, and also where the palace of the Hutt crimelord to whom a random Corellian smuggler owed a bunch of money was located, which prompted said smuggler to take the aforementioned secret son and exiled former Jedi master on a charter flight to Alderaan, which eventually resulted in the smuggler helping to save the secret daughter of the Sith Lord Vader from a jail cell on a planet-killing space station, the plans to which were stored in the memory banks of the astromech companion of the protocol droid built by the Sith Lord Vader when he was a little boy, which crash-landed on Tattooine in an attempt to reach the secretly exiled former Jedi master … but no, Tattooine was not the center of the universe at all. Lots of space in the universe. Lots of places to put the secret son of the Sith Lord Vader other than the very planet where he grew up and built a protocol droid and raced pod racers and killed entire Tusken Raider families.



Ah ah ! Yeah, I notice those too !

So much practical effects, I feel a “Farscape” vibe… and that’s great !
I hope it’s gonna be the new trend in Hollywood, more models ! more puppets ! more animatronics !


More Ben Browder and Claudia Black in leather pants!

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Well done. Really.


I :heart:'ed your comment, just don’t take that as encouragement! :stuck_out_tongue:


“I thought I parked in Lot D !”

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