Andy Warhol's Early Life in Nine Easy Panels

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I’m pretty sure I bumped into him once, in Hoboken of all places, but it didn’t dawn on me who it was until a week later. He was alive at the time.


You probably would have recognized a dead Andy Warhol a lot sooner.


I think like his Campbell’s Soup Cans, an empty Warhol would be slightly smaller than a full one. :wink:

I like the old school 80s, underground comix style. It’s definitely inspired by Drew Friedman- maybe a little too inspired.

Is that Jughead bullying Andy?

Let me save you the trouble of the internet-hole I had to go down, neighbour:

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Knowing it’s called a Whoopee cap does not take away from this scene in Chasing Amy:


I want to have a “What the fuck just happened?” moment in my life that mirrors the one I had at the end of this comic. But it’s probably too late for that.

Needs more pittsburgh

Jeff Goldblum sports a stylish whoopee cap in Deathwish. It needs the bottle caps on the brim.


Good story on NPR about his “Time Capsule” series–it’s still being cataloged:

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