Angry Christians riot and throw firebomb at a museum that exhibits 'McJesus' sculpture


How very “Christian” like. If anything I feel like it makes the piece of art more relevant.


This sculpture is more obvious than, say, ‘Piss Christ’. The mob reaction reminds me of the picket lines certain Christians created around a local theater that was showing ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’. None of them had actually bothered to see the movie, so had no idea of what it depicted; personally, I found it a more compelling argument for Christianity than any that group (some of them were with Campus Crusade for Christ) put forward.




I can. I have met the crazies that would do that.


How do those Christians know that the Romans didn’t crucify Ronald McDonald too?


I am suddenly imagining a whole McDonaldland revival of Jesus Christ Superstar with Mayor McCheese as Pilate, the Hamburglar as Judas, and Grimace as Ciaphas. Oh, and the Burger King as Herod, I guess.

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")



Man, if only there was a quote advising christians against throwing stones, but I’m just not thinking of one


Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called the children of God.


I remember similar stories about violently attacking art out of religiosity. Let me find that madlib… Ahh. Here it is.

This is just more evidence that Christianity is not compatible with Western society and mores. We need to ban immigration from Christian nations and limit where and how they can practice their political philosophy. (It’s not a religion!) Soon they’ll be wanting to establish their own schools, and advertise their religion on their buisnesses, and use it determine what to sell, and who to sell it to! Can you imagine what would happen if they got elected into office? They’ll want to remake the government to enforce their religious laws! We have to stop it now, before it’s too late!


They must think he’s weak and can’t defend himself.


I’d say that the museum didn’t intend to cause offense but i’m sure the artist knew what the opinion/reaction on their piece would be. They aren’t naive.

That said the intense reaction to the art piece is really something. It’s equally amusing and sad.


To be fair. Ronald is looking a bit pallid, and I don’t think he has the healthiest diet.


My favorite movie protest was “Dogma”:


Does fire mean Ronald will rise from the dead sooner or stronger? Or does it cancel it all out (like werewolves and silver bullets)?


I’m telling you, they need to secure their border. All those Christians trying to get in. Fire bombers. I’m assuming, some of them are good people.


If that was intentional, I’m gonna give you a fist-bump. If it wasn’t… fist-bump anyway for inadvertently raising the issue.


Just wait for the exhibition featuring pictures of Mohammed.


Wow these so-called “Christians” sure hate Jesus!

Christ comes in many forms, oh ye of little faith, and while Jesus of Nazareth fed 5000, McJesus can claim “billions and billions served,”