Angry gentleman plows into Moonlite Bunny Ranch with 18-wheeler while women sleeping

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My first trip to Vegas, had a rental car and on a lark decided to make my way to that place. Ended up continuing a bit further down the road to another fine establishment. Went into the lounge (typical dark bar sort of room). Behind a fabric curtain was the other half of this wonderland, a room of white couches and carpet, certainly the gateway to some (legal?) pleasures.

I sat down and looked at the (food) menu. Two employees on a break sat at table next to me, completely ignoring the fact I was alone, obviously curious about the goings on. In a booth were an older couple that seemed a bit out of place (yes, old folks can be swingers, but they looked more like they should shopping at Sears than eating out (I should rephrase that… having a meal) in that place. Was quiet and aside from the “I just do this to pay for university” look of the two ladies, there was nothing remarkable about the place. Server finally came (as in, eventually showed up) and took my order (iced tea and a veggie burger platter). Then it got interesting.

In the front door walks two bro-dudes, make a B-line for the women and a conversation starts (the phony nice to see you boys again, how have you been) and I guess the break was over. They move to a booth and the meter started running. I’ve been there 20 minutes already and not even a hint of an offer of what is on the alt-menu.

The house Madam emerges from white shag land with a very young looking guy… a geeky 18 at best. She’s holding his arm and he can barely walk. She sits him at the bar and gives him a glass of water. This poor kid is shaking, looking off into nothing… spills water as he brings glass to his lips, gulps it down. I’m guessing he was found out wandering the desert for days…

My food arrives, asked if that will be all … I say “Maybe… I dunno…” and server walks away, doesn’t take this as a hint. I’m left wondering WTF, do I need to be more explicit ?? This point I don’t give a rat’s bum about the mystery beyond, the love shacks and swimming pool… this is a poor way to run a business. The burger however was VERY good… probably best veggie burger I’ve ever had… 10/10 there, no question.

Bro-dudes and the blond duo have left by this point off to consummate their meaningful and deep bond… just me, jittery Tommy and the two old farts. I whip out my big wad (several $5 bills) and prepare to leave.

Old folks get out of booth and approach the kid at the bar… talk to him gently, lady takes his hand and they walk out. Old dude punches kid in arm and says “You’re a man now”… in the parking lot the kid could barely make up the steps of his grandparent’s RV.

My own experience there was much less… but I got to thinking… not only does that kid have THE BEST grandparents ever, but holy hell did his world just get seriously rocked…

I got a bicycle from my grandparents once… that was cool too I guess.




well it sounds great and all but 20 years later and the kid is driving a truck into the place trying to destroy everything!


A bad experience 20 years ago, then you’re working as a trucker for the same establishment, get fired, and next thing you know you’re plowing through the building in a truck and full body armor.


What is this “full body armor” of which they speak?


Maybe he was just mad that his squire was spending too much time with the Bunny Ranch ladies and he couldn’t get his damn pauldron adjusted to his satisfaction.


At least he is practicing safe…you know…


Authorities have not revealed a motive,

“Authorities”? As if that could be anything but a euphemism of some kind.

I have to wonder if young master Wobbles couldn’t have been a plant, to impress the customers with the awesome power of the vagoo. Wouldn’t it be clever if he played that act every hour or two?

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How long before he runs for Congress?


The Bunnyranch is outside of Carson City, halfway across Nevada from Las Vegas. I think there may be a similarly-named establishment near Vegas, though.

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Cool. Anither day, another story of a manchild taking out his impotent (literally?) Rage on an innocent, vulnerable target. Grow up you fucking garbage monsters.


Same story different day…some limp dick moron gets all trumped up because his unit is defective and runs over innocent people with a big truck

You can interchange the last part with: shoots up innocent people with a big gun, or blows up innocent people with a big bomb.
Maybe we need a superhero called Viagra Person who can swoop in and give things a lift when they get down…so to speak.


I read this and thought of this quote (ostensibly) from Margaret Atwood: “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.”


Editors: The author really, really needs to study English definitions deeply before writing headlines.


Welcome to Boing Boing.


I wasn’t there, but nothing about your description sounds like that kid was happy or lucky.


If you’re referring to “gentleman”, it’s sarcastic. Anyway, I’m surprised that a “Nevada Hooker” doesn’t have anything else to say about this incident.


I really need to keep more current with modern slang.