Angry people in local newspapers


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Local newspapers for local people.


This is one boring blog. Nobody is hilariously angry, they’re just standing there.


Can you please take a picture of how angry that makes you and send it to your local newspaper?


I find this one (which seems appropriate for an American blog of this sort) better than boring.


I love local news. It’s the only news that matters. There’s never any mention of terrorism and no hidden agendas. It’s refreshing :grinning:


It seems like a solid half of those could reasonably be described as “people unhappy that they live in a bog.”



Thank you! I have subscribed to the bog paper.


Scaryduck! I used to really like his blog, waaaay back when.


Ow, my eyes! Bodoni does have an ffi ligature, Roanoke Times typesetter. Did your mom smoke while she was pregnant with you?



I wish she had a bottle of whiskey in the other hand, that would be perfect.


Another classic:



One presumes it arrives on a roll.

Milliefink: a horrible accident happened to the road-striping truck?


My favourite collection was of people pointing at holes in the road because they were sad and angry about road-holes.

It’s not exculsively road-holes but they are frequent.


Maybe. Could also be a remote place where the stripers practiced, or maybe tested their striper?


Hey, She’s smoking for two now.


All kidding aside, when we were expecting our first, and went to see a concert (folk stuff, but still loud)
we had to leave because the noise was definitely bothering the bump.