Anna Wintour answers 73 questions




Looks like they got it in less than ten takes!


It’s so obviously and painfully scripted. Previous ones of these were pretty good, but this is just chalky and unpleasant.


That was my first guess when I read;‘She doesn’t stop to think for a second before answering them.’

I’d form my own opinion by watching, but the video passed my “number of sites I have to allow in NoScript to play” threshold.


Capes or no capes?


Just to be a total pedant: Edna Mode was based on Edith Head, not Wintour.


But Anna Wintour was based on Edith Head.


I did not know Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid was dedicated to Edith Head, her last movie. I saw that just a couple weeks ago.


She thinks she’s Edith Head.



It was a cute idea what they were trying to set up but it takes a lot of skill on camera to pull of the quickness to execute the ideas. Had the people popped in faster and it really gone chop chop chop it would have been more amusing. Oh well, A for effort.

The September Issue is an interesting movie; I rather like Anna Wintour. Wouldn’t want to be her, but still she’s a cool cat.


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