"Anonymous sources" now more credible than the White House


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Only now?


D’aww, it closed three days ago…


Given the effect of ‘anonymous sources’ on this jacked-up presidency, and the logic of Trump to only working with his confidantes in the Cabinet, I’m starting to think that the source might be a Cabinet member… (or Pence looking for a back way in)??


and violate their loyalty oaths?


Hell, any jackass in a Guy Fawkes mask is now more credible than the White House.


I read that as sarcasm, but to others out there?.. loyalty must extend first to the US. And yes, Trump would likely see that as poison to his whole raison d’etre.


Trump asks for personal oaths of loyalty.


For some reason, I don’t see anyone in his Cabinet as being likely to honor any oaths or promises. How do you think they got to where they are?


The entire administration is comprised of oafs.


You should know better than to trust Bam Margera, especially if he’s wearing a mask.


Jon Lovitz character, “Tommy Flanagan, the Pathological Liar” is officially more credible than than Trump and any five members of his cabinet at any given time.


More credible.


Hey at least that stuff serves a function for the betterment of mankind.


It’s politics. People will say ANYTHING for power and money.

Case in point:

"Kimberly Guilfoyle says she’s talking with Trump administration about press secretary job
The Fox News host and former First Lady of San Francisco tells the Bay Area News Group: ‘I’m a patriot, and it would be an honor to serve the country.’" MercuryNews


Those are all well reasoned arguments. The right will probably crumble to dust now.


So McMaster is unwilling to tell outright lies? Is there a sweepstake on the length of his continued employment?



Josh Marshall predicted this last night.

Trump seems to do everything completely off-the-cuff, whether it’s sharing intelligence with the Russians, or countering the story his staff concocts to defend that lapse in judgement. He did this with the Comey firing too-- his staff give the press one story, then the next day he tells Lester Holt something else. He can’t bear thinking he’s ever wrong, he can’t bear thinking he’s not in control, he can’t bear any kind of poor public image, so he tries to fix it himself and only makes it worse.

There’s no plan, he’s winging it, he is always going to be winging it. And he’s not Robin Williams or Charlie Parker, so he can’t improv his way out of the messes he improvs himself into, all he can hope is that enough of the population doesn’t care or believes whatever bogus excuse Hannity comes up with.


Keep an eye on Steve Bannon folks. because all this lying bullshit leads right back to his utilizing the ‘Big Lie’ right out of Hitler’s playbook. “Steve Bannon has mastered the Big Lie”.

“The Big Lie is a political tactic first articulated by Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf, and was used extensively by the Nazis and every dictator since. The idea is that a politician or political party can manipulate the masses by telling a colossal lie, because most decent people would only ever lie on a small scale, and they are not willing to believe anyone would tell a massive untruth. The Big Lie doesn’t eliminate the public’s ability to evaluate facts rationally, but we have presumptions about how most people behave, and about how people in public life behave. When the press, for instance, presents evidence disproving the lie, it does make at least some people question who’s telling the truth. Why would anyone make something like that up? The answer is, to undermine opponents and justify controversial or illegal policies.”

“Donald Trump is anyone’s Useful Idiot, as long as they know how to play him”