Anonymous warns Elon Musk

If this doesn’t conclude in Muskrat’s ill-gotten funds being magically disappeared into HBCU’s coffers I won’t be impressed(hint: setec astronomy).

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You made the claim that the average person doesn’t know what Bitcoin is. Are you able to produce some data?

“Prove me wrong” isn’t a great rebuttal.

I also posted an article with numbers in it. Are you able to read the comments and click the link? I didn’t think it made sense to post the same comment over and over again.

Are people in this thread married to bitcoin or something? I don’t understand why everyone is so salty. It was mostly a tongue-in-cheek comment anyway related to the Anonymous claim that this was a “clear disregard for the average working person”. Do you think that statement is true, that this affects the average working person?

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