Another shoutout for the Tweezerman hangnail clipper

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You keep one in your desk drawer?

Tweezerman founder Dal LaMagna sounds like quite a character. He once sent himself on a diplomatic mission to fix post-2003 Iraq despite having zero relevant knowledge or experience. He’s also run for political office several times, including a 2008 bid for President and a 2018 bid for Congress on a platform apparently inspired by the utopian society of Black Panther’s Wakanda.

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I could think of worse pie-in-the-sky platforms.

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There must have been a hell of a line. I hope he brought a book.


I have to admit I was initially skeptical about a political system that chooses its Head of State via hand-to-hand combat atop a giant waterfall, but ever since November 2016 it’s become clear that I’m not in a position to judge any other country’s selection process.


Civilized countries let Putin pick their leaders. /s

I don’t even know what a hangnail is…

Somehow I was expecting his name to be Phil Tweezerman.

I came here to ask. I assume it’s when the corner of your cuticle cracks and you get a little triangular flap of cuticle. This sort of thing doesn’t exactly apply to me, because I have always compulsively picked at my nail beds so they’re just a bloody, unattractive mess back to the first knuckle anyway.

Also, the Marvel universe has better writers than ours.

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I wonder if electronics flush cutters would work? I used to have a pair lying around somewhere…

Yes they do. I have a pair at my desk and regularly use them to trim off dangling bits of shredded finger in awkward corners.

(but I have stopped using my Dremel for pedicure purposes, as I have learned that this is “gross”)

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Good lord I could use one of these lately.

needs to be three inches longer you never know
when you want extra leverage
I’m wondering if a certain youtube channel could actually
make a custom item…

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