Another Spinal Tap movie is in the works

Marty DiBergi: The review you had on “Shark Sandwich”, which was merely a two word review, just said “Shit Sandwich”.


I always assumed that as the Thamesmen evolved from a corny British Invasion bad into Spinal Tap, a horny metal band, that Tap would have continued to devolve over the years.

First into “Crust” a wall of distorted guitars chasing the Seattle sound through the 90s. In the aughts, they become “Werewolf Hour” and have a chart-topper with “Party Balls” a pastiche of bass, drum machine, and rapped sections.

I haven’t decided where they’d go next, maybe a free form jazz odyssey?


I disagree with that.

As Spinal Tap are a British band, I think they would have done a Happy Mondays style Madchester album in the early 90s, then a few Britpop indie albums before doing a big beat album at the end of the decade. They will also have picked up some superstar DJ along the way, who survives despite being hated by both the rock and dance music fans of the band.

If you have any doubts about this, just remember that David Bowie released a drum and bass album in the mid 90s.


See also Slade who briefly flirted with a dance/house release

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I always felt there was a huge bang of Status Quo about Spinal Tap so they would have just continued on being out of date forever. They’d done their experiments early on, and the only thing they were going to do now was more cocaine.


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