Anthony Burgess's lost, incomplete slang dictionary re-discovered


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Innerestin’… Also, if you are only familiar with his =A Clockwork Orange=, you should check out some of his other books. =The Wanting Seed= is particularly relevant these days, I’d say, and =Earthly Powers= is quite a good read.


Very good read.


Excellent! Burgess was brilliant with languages. He created at least one of the prehistoric languages heard in the film ‘Quest for Fire’.

From the post: “Abfab – Obsolescent abbreviation of absolutely fabulous, used by Australian teenagers or ‘bodgies’.”

I think “Abfab” sort of came back several years ago with the mega-hit Brit TV series ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ (one of my favorite shows ever).



AB - A buzzing thing.
C - Big blue wobbly thing that mermaids live in.
Dog - Not a cat.


E - The sound I make when I spy a mouse from the corner of my I


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