Anti-semite will lose without jewish help




Of course, they also lose without the Jews. It’s not racist, it’s tautological.


I was expecting it to be an anti-semite being charged with something and demanding a Jewish lawyer.


Did he really come out with “the lurkers support me by email?”



Maybe he got a lot of +1s on Orkut.


If I didn’t know anything about Ransdell I’d assume these were placed by his opponent in a pathetic attempt to discredit him. Even though he is an anti-Semite making that part of his public campaign is, in most of this country at least, saying, “Don’t vote for me!”


If he were running in Cambridge MA he’d be in office by now.


You don’t just put out a sign like that, just like you don’t just overcook a hamburger.


Unenlightened isn’t just a world view :smile:


He seemingly admits that the signs are his.

I wonder if the online encouragement he talks about is actually from opponents and/or people who want a good laugh as he goes down in flames.


I must admit, I don’t understand the headline on this article at all.


Me neither


Dude plants 20 inflammatory signs and gets an international megaphone. Sigh.


Probably just stormfront etc + closeted bigots.

Any opponent worth their shaker of salt would realize there are plenty of nutbars to support this nutbar, just about zero need for any false flag action


I thought Anti-Semite dog-whistle technology was way better than this now.


Oh it’s real. And yes, he’s a Stormfront guy. Here’s his campaign website:

And here he is seeming to be a relatively normal guy, until you listen to what he has to say.


WTF are you talking about? I’m am petty sure that you would be hard pressed to find a place more hostile to white supremacy types in the US than Cambridge MA. Maybe you are the type that confuses anti colonialism and protesting Israeli policies of annexation, occupation, embargo, and apartheid with anti-Semitism?


There isn’t a politician or political group anywhere that asks permission before trespassing to place their signs, Not one that I have ever seen. Back when I ran a condo association I’d cal up the party HQ fr the various mushrooms thats prouted on our common areas and got responses from polite apologies to a semi-censored version of (…and the horse you ride on, we can put them anywhere we damn please, the Constitution gives us that right."


“The great, silent, majority”

  • Richard Nixon


Ummm… Christ, what an asshole?