Anti-Vax fraud still showing his movie in the US

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Not surprised, people love woo and shilly, industry sponsored “documentaries”.


It’s scheduled to be screened here in Portland next week.

This being the city that has fought against the fluoridation of water since 1956 - the wingnuts are going to eat it up…


Wakefield wasn’t ‘shamed’ out of Tribeca - he was just dropped with a minimum of fuss because Bobby D realised the film wouldn’t contribute to the debate in the way he originally thought (because it’s wall to wall bunk).

It wouldn’t have been shaming at all if he and his army of cognitive dissonants hadn’t then proceeded to hairdryer all over the internet about how De Niro had received death threats, been pressured to drop it by big pharma, blah blah.

If this gets screened in a few tiny theatres, at least Wakefield and his drones can’t complain about being no-platformed or ‘censored’.

Let him rent the theaters himself, who cares? He’s going to be crazy and terrible regardless.

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It’s going to be this year’s Atlas Shrugged.


Whatever happened at Tribeca was nothing in comparison to what Wakefield has already gone through for his bullshit, so why would he stop now?


I initially read the title as Anti-Vax as Anti-VAX and was hoping for something that this was not. Alas.


I was hoping I would at least learn of a film festival coming up in KC, but I guess not.

You did. A really shitty one with only one movie.


Given that the GMC has had him struck off the UK medical register he’s a former gastoentrologist.


Why is that man not in Jail again?


Because Texas has low ethical standards.


I noticed this movie is in a 4-day special engagement in a couple theaters here in Utah, and screenings are selling out. There must be an organization sponsoring local screenings or organizing groups to go see it.


If the internet allows idiots and haters, then the rest of us should be allowed to disrespect them openly, and with fervor and vigor, man. I mean it.


i flick in your general direction


Someone from one of those faux-autism support “charities” could be funneling funds toward that, wouldn’t surprise me.

Morans? Is he anti-Irish as well?

Not a surprise, most of the people in Utah distrust science and logic.

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De Niro has been making noises about doing a “documentary” on vaccines with Harvey Weinstein. Given all the spectacularly vacuous claims he’s made concerning vaccines recently, it should be good for some giggles.

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