Anti-vaxx spokesperson also paints fairly accurate portraits of politicians


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Guess that is better than making Ace Ventura 3 with his free time.


I dunno, he made her awfully skinny in comparison to IRL. Otherwise, looks like a pretty accurate depiction of the spokesliar in question. ymmv

And screw his anti-vac BS. Guy looks terrible now (drugs?)



I might propose that, having found that the public is tiring of his latest brand of crazy, he has decided that there is no option but to up the ante. But that would probably just be needlessly cynical.





I dunno, the guy’s creeping up toward 60. I think we just haven’t seen him in the public eye as much lately so subconsciously most of us still expect him to look like he did when he made The Truman Show.


He should hold an exhibition with George W.


Sure thing. Thanks.


Dammit Jim, you’re an actor not a doctor!


Bush looks to me like he infringes on news photos Shepard Fairey-style. Carrey looks more like he might riff his own drawings. I’d love to know if that hyper conservative allegorical painter dude has a lot of uncredited news photo reference. Just out of curiosity.


That picture of him in the shower was a news photo? No thank you!


Who did Bush paint in the shower? Do you have a link?



Can’t swear to this, but I think he (Carrey) has not been active in the antivaxx movement since he split from Jenny McCarthy. At least not in a high profile way.


If he’s not selling them - what’s the issue?


He’s ripping off Bill Sienkiewicz’s schtick. :wink:


I’m not sure they have to be for sale to be infringing. I just find it interesting that the law seemed to hold Fairey to standards it doesn’t apply to others. Maybe his problem was he traced it too faithfully.


I’ve heard some people think his portrait of her is “unflattering”. . . well duh, that is what political cartoonists do, ya know.


Paintings? They look more like marker renderings.


Thanks for posting the video of his painting works. Enjoyed it.
Good painter, bad painter? He wants to paint, he paints, he’s a painter.

Some of his stuff looked not to my taste, but some it it seemed pretty cool.