Jim Carrey "explains" his trippy, metaphysical interview from New York Fashion Week


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Sounds like he’s on the Jimmy Tango Fatbusters diet:


Not bad…in those few short minutes he made more sense than our rot brained president has in the past several years.


Oh my, this is pretty sad… I get the whole “my personality is a construct” thing, but he seems particularly unstable.


I still think he is full of himself in this “explaining” video, but if you’re generous, you can see him getting at a concept that can be quite profound once you grasp it.

Your personality, what you identify as you, can be flexible, can be changed. Just because you committed to being a “quirky nerd”/“aggressive contrarian”/“guy with long hair”/“wearer of visible piercings” or even “someone that always wears black” at one point in life doesn’t mean you can’t change this later on in life. You can change your view on things, you can change parts of yourself. You can change the way you perceive the world, the way you interact with the world

For some reason for a lot of people (myself included) this is not immediately obvious. When you’ve identified strongly as something for so long it can be really hard to let this go.

Lets just hope this newfound knowledge helps him detach from the part of his personality that identifies as someone that does not believe in vaccines and convince his wife to do the same.


Seems he got more attention than he has for anything else lately not so long ago with the documentary short about his painting. Not a bad idea to build on that kind of cray, if that’s what’s selling.

(As you might expect, there is no shortage of folks saying, “Ayoye, those are terrible paintings, mine are much better but I cannot hope to ever get that kind of exposure.”)


It’s a trap! We never left the Truman Show!


It is an impressive feat to be both non-existant and self-important. If it’s all illusory, can he at least step back into the funny guy? That was a much better wheeze.


I agree with him, but there are certain venues that are more receptive to this kind of dialog, and Fashion Week clearly isn’t one of them…


On the one hand it’s entertaining to see him really exploring existential weirdness as an expression of his evolving philosophy, and on the other hand, drugs.


Wow, I walked away with a completely different take. He seemed to have a healthy dose of humility for someone in the Hollywood bubble, or anyone for that matter. About the same dose as someone coming off an acid trip. My favorite line: “here’s the thing, it’s not our world. We don’t matter. That’s the good news.” I guess that could be interpreted as a statement about celebrities, but given the rest of what he said I think he’s just being generally existentialist, and I say amen brother!


Carrey seems to do some interesting stuff with celebrity but always ends up backing down and explaining/ruining it. Like he can’t fully commit.

Plus, the anti-vax stuff.


I’m not surprised if it turns out that anyone who is capable of acting as the set of characters he has can’t possibly come out the other end stable.



In the same way that John Malkovich is a great puppeteer? If so, then the interview makes all kinds of sense!


I hope it’s:


If I strain hard enough I can see it that way, but I think it’s being overly generous. Did you watch both clips? The original with the stalking behavior was super creepy (would he do that to a man?) and he can barely form a cogent sentence. It’s really scattered. It just seems like he’s just moved on to another level of self-importance…


Carrey has always been manic and ADD, the interview is quite strange but i’d say i’m not surprised.


Interesting how differently you’re taking it. I took the stalking to be more theatrical than aggressive, and thus not creepy. And in the interview I thought he was very creatively putting the self importance of an A-list fashion event into perspective.

In the second clip I saw the anchors trying hard to sell the story that Jim Carrey is crazy (“he said she didn’t exist!”), and then Jim Carrey getting philosophical about his craft in language that almost any other actor might use, especially good character actors.


Yeah I definitely agree about that. Those hosts just have no concept of what he’s saying, or are pretending they don’t… Broadly speaking I understand the sentiment that Carey is attempting to express, but his presentation looks like a person barely holding it together, not performance art… So I get what he is saying, but the way he is doing it, the lack of clarity, makes me worry about his state of mind. He doesn’t have to go to these events at all, so it seems like he is looking for a platform to do his one-man show. So in that context, it just seems vapid on another level to me.