Jim Carrey makes a surprise appearance during Conan's interview with Jeff Daniels


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Yeah, well, fuck that guy.


My favorite Jeff Daniels interview.
“Did you see Die Hard?”

Chris Farley Show

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Oh right, sure. A complete surprise. Wasn’t scripted or planned. Completely off the cuff. Spur of the moment type thing.


D&D is about the only JC movie I can stand.


Obviously JC and Conan knew and planned, but Daniels may not have?


Hold my beer…


I liked Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, actually. Ace Ventura was great at the time as well… don’t know how well it’s aged, though.


So Weird Beard is gone? (Whatever that was all about.)


Good point. Conan and Carrey have a long history


You didn’t like Man on the Moon?


I never saw it. See, the problem- for me - was that he seemed to be everywhere, always playing the same character. And I hated that character. So when the option was between seeing Carrey do the same annoying thing or literally anything else, then else won. And there’s always something else on. And I accept I may have missed some good stuff.


I can understand that and really I was just curious, given the critical acclaim he got for that role. I have to say that Carey pulled off being Andy Kaufman, at least in my view. Most of his comedy work is most certainly an iteration of the same character, but he has a few dramatic films where he’s not doing that… but I can understand not being a fan of someone’s work, of course.


Jim Carrey was a tortured soul growing up as his family was homeless. To liven the family morale, as a child Jim did impressions of TV celebrities after dinner for his parents and siblings. They traveled around in a car, going from camping park to camping park till his father landed a job for the whole family as custodians for a large factory were they lived in a maintenance building. He wanted to pull his family out of the poverty they existed in and his only real ability was impressions.

His father tried to push Jim into stand up comedy at the new Toronto YukYuks at a local College open stage. He failed but 2 years later at 18 tried YukYuks again and was a hit at the new Yorkville venue. His fame grew, he dropped his first agent in Toronto for Hollywood and the rest in a nutshell is history.

A few of his better films imo Man in the Moon, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotted Mind, Truman were he attempted to move away from the goofy rubber face persona and applied drama acting. Like many comedians (Dangerfield, Paul Lynde, Don Rickles, Richard Pryor) he was type cast and it is difficult to break out of when Movie company’s want what sells instead of developing actors. To this extent Jim tried and to certain degrees succeeded in performing drama. On the other hand it is not often a drama actor turns comedian successfully.

The fame and money that resulted did improve his parents living conditions and in that end he did achieve his goal and intentions of making it in show business.


Yeah, that’s a great story, and good on him. Seriously. No snark.

I won’t be watching any of his films, though :wink:


I’m not going to pressure you into watching any of Jim Carrey’s later films (like Eternal Sunshine) if you don’t want to, but I’d point out that if your opinion of Tom Hanks’ work was based only on the films he did before Philadelphia you’d probably be under the impression that he just did wacky comedies.

(Granted, even in his early work Tom Hanks never did the “talking out of his butthole” routine.)


“So do you think anyone bought it?”
Jim Carrey


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