US indicts Romanian as hacker 'Guccifer,' who brought Dubya's paintings to world


Looks like he did the same thing with AP news photos that Shepard Fairey did.


According to the article he agrees, but he says he’s improving.

Upworthy is reporting that he’s going to do Gucci Time.

Add these to the list of Dubya’s crimes against humanity.

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I’m just adding it to the list of double standards, since I haven’t heard any outcry from the AP over the paintings.

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As much as I hate, and would have no problem with the brutal killing, dismemberment and desecration of his corpse, George Bush Jr. my understanding is that his paintings are being sold for charity. So… conflicted.

Apparently his Putin portrait sold, for charity, for US $1m.

I think AP’s argument revolved around Fairey making personal financial gain from their photo. (which, by the way, I think was a fucking load of shit by which I now judge the AP)

His being willing to show terrible paintings to the public, and admit they are terrible; is one of the only human actions I can recall GWB ever having done. If Dunning-Kruger isn’t in the picture I try never to mock people’s objectively terrible initial efforts at new things, no matter how much I personally despise them.

Furthermore, using AP photos as visual reference seems entirely fair game to me; and well within the remix culture principles frequently espoused on BB.

I would normally applaud the sentiment in the last sentence of your first paragraph. However, in this case, the goal of the efforts is to whitewash the public persona of an untried war criminal. Did you know Pinochet was a sculptor?

And by the way, while we are dicking around here talking about his paintings, GWB’s PNAC project in Iraq continues to deteriorate into abject hell, thanks to his decisive leadership.

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You’ve clearly not been paying attention…

Just incase you speak one of those non-english terror languages and have trouble picking out english words, that sign says MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Only a decisive leader could have accomplished a mission.

Paint what you know.,35799/

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