Any chance Trump could fire Bannon?


Like… Trump is this thin skinned loud mouthed asshole that lashes out at any criticism. Banon apparently just maneuvered his way into being the guy who is the puppeteer up trump’s bum. Any way to get trump to extract the hand himself by playing at his pride?


From the sound of things (from the Rogue POTUS Staff twitter mainly), Bannon is in good with Trump right now, and his biggest foil – the “Unholy Trinity” of Priebus/Pence/Ryan – keep pissing Trump off. And Priebus has had to be convinced not to resign more than once already.

So I’m not holding my breath. But Trump is mercurial, so who knows? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s far more likely that he’ll fire Sean Spicer, if anyone; that guy’s doing Trump no favors and making a fool of himself every time he steps up to a mic. I feel like there’s a lot of tension between Bannon and Preibus so we’ll see how that plays out.


Don’t see it happening


By giving him everything he wants? Oh no, don’t throw Trump in that briar patch!

Exactly. Trump is nothing but a loathsome bully-man without the messaging and media puppetry behind him. The former only gets his fans excited, the latter runs all coverage to Trump’s favor.


Looks like there’s an effort to do this on Twitter with #PresidentBannon:


More likely that Bannon fires Trump, not the other way around.


Possible, but not likely. Trump has no shortage of people on his bad side, and there’s a lot of fighting to be had before he starts to have bad blood with Bannon, but he’s so unpredictable that anything can happen.


Is there any proof this is from a real insider?


Not really proof, no. But it’s… plausible? Maybe?


The media needs to start calling him Co-President Bannon – Drumpf’s ego probably can’t handle that…


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