Rumour mill says that the Mercers are going to axe Bannon from Breitbart over "Fire and Fury" remarks


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I wonder how they decided to support one dirt pile instead of the other?


Eventually, creatures like Bannon learn that they’re not exempt from the rule that, when presented with the choice between backing up a fellow oligarch or a peon-for-hire in a dispute, an oligarch will always choose the former.

Now Bannon will have to find a new patron who’s a true believer in his Dark Enlightenment aims. Thiel fits the bill.


when you wipe with your hand, you get poop on your fingers

– Ancient Babylonian Proverb




Trump backed Moore in the general election, not the primary.


Regardless of the Breitbart outcome,

“Like a form of drug-resistant political syphilis, Bannon will continue to command a degree of attention and will corrode the world around him”

“Alexa, order all the popcorn.”

(So many good lines in this piece!)


Also sugar. In water.


I tried to order some popcorn on Amazon, but they say they’re sold out. Anyone know why?



I won’t be happy until Bannon, the Kochs, Murdoch, Kelly-Ann, the Mercers and Thiel form one huge human centipede and eat one another live on Fox and Friends.

But then I’ve always been a bleeding heart liberal.

It needs to be fact-checked.


Was it sent from an iPhone or Android?

Ok, fine, I’ll see myself out.


Happy Shadenfreude day. I almost never look at Brietbart, but today I visited (in incognito mode, of course) and I’ve been taking great pleasure in the nasty Trump v Bannon flames I’m seeing in the comments section.


I wonder if any Trump fans will even reflect on the significance that he just called Bannon a “leaker” instead of a “liar.”



Here’s a drawing that Woodrow White posted the other day. It perfectly captures the ooze and crust of Bannon.


I enjoy drawing monsters.

Nothing I will ever do will top this.


How about a nude Bannon?


Not going to lie. I’m deflecting when I say didya know that Jabba was—let’s say inspired—by Sydney Greenstreet in Casablanca?

And that Lucas wouldn’t quite permit McQuarrie to give Jabba a fez?