AOC to endorse Bernie Sanders today

You cite that as if it’s a point in Bernie’s favor. The only way you can cite it is if Yang is offering less free money than Bernie.

Bernie isn’t offering “free money”. He’s running on a platform of Medicare for All (paid for by taxes), free college and cancellation of student debt, and building affordable housing. That’s very different than running on a platform of just straight-up giving everyone cash money.


I wanted to post one that was harsher but it was low-res and wouldn’t have looked as good. Something to the point where Bernie is a socialist hero and Warren a capitalist in socialist clothing, which is close to what I actually believe.

Edit: here’s my best effort, lol


Yes and!

Redistricting to deal with the gerrymandering
Proportional representation please and thank you

We’ve got a serious bad case in Texas.
We are working the problem.
We are 4 seats away from turning the Texas House blue.

I must say my freshman Texas State Representative (District 45) Erin Zwiener is smart, cognizant of 21st century issues, and is an exceptionally hard worker (and a new mom!). Just wow. Gives me hope for the future, really.


How exactly do you think they will stop him? Will Tom Perez and Michael Blake sneak around the country supergluing Sanders supporters to their futons?

Maybe someone should start a Tinfoil Hat party, to draw all of the conspiracy theorists from both sides off into a place of impotent commonality. Of course, that might leave the GOB bereft of bodies.

Just yesterday I was at a delightful talk on the mathematics of gerrymandering. One thing she mentioned is that in Texas there is a statutory requirement that lines be drawn so that as many districts as possible are “competitive”. That is pretty much the antithesis of proportional representation.


Very disappointed to see all the Warren bashing in this thread. We’d be lucky to have either of them as President. Don’t let the right pit us against each other, she’s a solid progressive and far left of anyone but Bernie. When she got there matters far less than she got there.


Yeah that’s a fascinating subject for me, even with my weak math skills. I read this article last year with [morbid] interest and um yeah it is grim…

…Then there’s Austin, which is totally crazy. If you walk from one end of downtown Austin to the other, you cross three different congressional districts. Austin could easily support a district of its own. It is a unique community of interest, whether you like Austin or you hate it. It’s one of the largest cities, if not the largest, that doesn’t anchor at least one congressional district. Instead you have districts like Lloyd Doggett’s anchored in San Antonio. That seems to be a result of Republicans trying to get rid of him for nearly two decades now. …

Those graphs say a lot.
And it depresses the crap outta me.

Btw talked with Lloyd Doggett at a friend’s funeral early this year (2019) and man that dude is amazing–the real deal. I love that guy. I wish there were 100 more like him in Texas.

Go Bernie!

It is a marathon, people, we need to pace ourselves. We need to keep our eyes on the prize as much as possible, and register as many voters while also exhorting them to actually go fkn vote as possible.


Isn’t that what they did in 2016?

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No? I mean, not at all.
From the DNC’s perspective, they had the choice of backing a lifelong DNC supporter who’d been Secretary of State and a Democratic Senator… or a lifelong independent who had changed his party affiliation to run against Hillary. But she’s not running this year.


Austin is notorious. Unfortunately, modern technology makes it possible to create districts that look perfectly normal to the naked eye yet still give an overwhelming advantage to one side. Having obviously-ridiculous districts might be better than the stealth gerrymandering that will increasingly be the norm.





I’m just going to be lazy and quote myself from the last time this McGovern example was raised:

With respect to the admirable Walter Karp, while there were certainly members of the (former) Democratic establishment who wanted to sabotage McGovern’s chances, they were aberrations. John Connally had a vanity project, Democrats for Nixon , which claimed a large following but really was just a few spoiled children. Likewise the Chicago machine was an explicit ‘victim’ of the post-1968 changes, so I can well believe that a ward heeler (as quoted) would have vindictive tendencies.

We have to keep reminding ourselves that people like Connally (in 72) and, say, Rahm Emanuel (today) are not the Democratic establishment; they are self-important blowhards trying to pretend that the system hasn’t moved on and left them behind.


“The remaining “Squad” member, Ayanna Pressley [D-MA], has not endorsed anyone; her district is in Elizabeth Warren’s home state.”

Well, that kind of sends a message.

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Thanks, that’s much better!

(Although – and not to be a purist or whatever – but if Sanders were to say that, he’d get some justifiable flack for being an insider too. A “socialist” outsider who’s also in the Democratic Party?? GTFOH. etc.)

Well, how about HOW she gets to the nomination, and then to the presidency, assuming she gets to either one?

I don’t think it’s “bashing” to keep in mind things about her that make her less progressive than Sanders. It’s instead a way of helping to keep her feet to the proverbial fire. Sanders has pushed her a lot further left than she would be otherwise. Those of us also to the further left should keep doing so, rather than just accepting or ignoring any of her establishment centrism.


I like both of them, but this endorsement hurts her more than it helps him.

Except she’s not less progressive than Sanders. She’s so progressive he wanted her to run in 2016 and tried to convince her. He only entered the race when she declined. Strange how folks forget that bit.

Bernie thinks she’s plenty progressive enough. And I, who voted for Bernie in 2016 in the primaries, agree. So I’ll say again: please stop the bashing. It’s not helpful.


As a consummate politician, Warren supports whichever policy the audience wants to hear. She was also a Republican before she was a Democrat. Sanders has been consistently progressive since before it was cool.

Oh, I know! Sanders would be my choice on policy (he was my choice in the 2016 primary). I’ll be voting against Trump no matter what, though. I certainly hope not to have to vote for Biden. I’d be thrilled to be able to vote for either Sanders or Warren—thrilled to vote for Sanders on policy, and thrilled to vote for Warren because I’ve been waiting all my life to see a woman in the office of President of the United States.

Also, I don’t necessarily hold people’s pasts against them. Life is all about change—hopefully in positive directions :slight_smile:


To which I’ll reply, please stop ignoring what I write (and quote/link to). That’s what I’m seeing here that’s “not helpful.”


Bernie Sanders invented universal health care?