AP: Two Atlanta-area election workers fired after voter applications shredded

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The political motives everyone’s looking for aren’t clear (registration is nonpartisan) but the AP reports that Fulton County’s elections are often run poorly and that the GOP is eager to end county control of them and apply statewide voter restrictions there.

There’s only one duopoly party interested in disenfranchising voters, undermining confidence in liberal democracy, and finding pretexts for regulations that end up enabling cheating. The partisan motives of these particular election workers aren’t clear, but whatever they are their actions end up benefiting the Party of Demonstable Bad Faith.


This really is the big news in the city. Early voting for municipal elections starts today.

Here is the story from our local public radio station, I don’t know if it has anything new:

It was reported to both the Secretary of State’s office and to the ATL AG Fani Willis, who I trust more to investigate this than Raffensperger.

This is yet more fuel for the state government to take over Fulton Co. elections.


Fired? Why not also prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law?


The party affiliation being absent is not dispositive. The employees could have noticed distinctive names, zip codes, or towns. Low-level Republiqans are hungering to “get even”, what with all the unfairness they have suffered, on Nov 3 and Jan 6.


The secretary of state has asked the DOJ to look into and the ATL AG has also been asked to look into it. Shit takes time.

We don’t know the why yet. I suspect that will come out. It’s entirely possible it was GOP operatives, but we don’t know.

I will note that it would be incredibly foolish for this kind of direct attack on a county that is so heavily democratic. It would take a real idiot to think that they can manage to flip fulton into a GOP county. More likely, the people in the northern part of the county (which more recently has gone democratic) will try and use this to break away and form a new county.


Good point. Hard to figure out what was shredded, for obvious reasons, but they need to keep track of who complains that they filled out a form and yet they’re not in the system. I could well imagine, for example, a lot more Tamikas and Lequons on the list than Marys and Bobs.


No but Fulton County is a solidly blue county so suppressing any amount of voters there is definitely something State and National level Republicans are keen on doing.


The SHEDDERS went down to Georgia… twang twang twang…


One of the saving graces of the 2020 election was that the vast majority of election workers and officials took their duties seriously regardless of their own political party. If we lose that, we lose the whole system.


“trump sez elections are rigged! Your vote doesn’t count! And I can proves it! We stole a bunch of voter registration forms, whizzed on voting machines, and threatened election workers, so now our elections are @#$ed y’see!!”


Nice typo - The “demon stable bad faith” party. Does what it says on the tin. :wink:


Hope they get locked up for life. It’s time to grow a spine and kick fascists and anti-democratic people/parties/orgs out of this country.


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