Apartment complex evacuated due to man cooking urine


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I bet that the other tenants are pissed off about that.


well, that really puts neighbor issues into perspective.


According to police, it was distilled urine the tenant was using for unspecified medical purposes.

Well, that’s a piss poor excuse for causing such a stink.


gosh, cant alternative medicine stick with things that are a little less disgusting, at least?


Ohhhh MAN! Urine in TROUBLE now!

(Here all week. Try the steaks!)


To be fair, there could be other reasons. That’s only excuse Number One.

They’ve been urinated…

Sorry… marinated

To perfection!


He was just boiling it down to extract the phosphorous.

Jack Shaftoe


It’s funny. I was actually considering doing this experiment myself.

Outside, I’ll grant you…


They called the cops!?! Shit’s about to get renal!


Ah - trying to get rid of some neighbors?


At least that fire had a decent reason compared to a fire that happened a half hour from where I live


A lot.

A lot of neighbors. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Be sure to tell your waiter if there’s any issue, or if you’d like to try the special sauce


I can tell you guys are all dancing around something. Well, don’t waste time; say it diuretically. I’ve got to go.


Urea ly should just let it go.


Calling the cops on him was a wee overreaction.


You’ve goat to be kidd’ney.

Wait. Where am I again?


Haven’t I heard cooking meth smells a lot like cooking piss?


Jeeze, doesn’t he know the local liquor store sells Jim Beam already distilled?

You were supposed to bring canapés to the party, you idiot! ⇐{Can’a’pés…lolz…Get it?)

Check out beautiful Brandy Wine Apartments next time urine town.

They sound golden!

And urine…vited!