Appeals court orders unsealing of the Jeffrey Epstein files

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Everyone implicated in this – everyone – should be exposed.


Drag this bastard and everyone that helped and paid him into the light


This judge wants to lean on the idea that 2000 pages is a massive pile of documents, and insurmountable task. That’s nonsense. 20,000 pages would be a lot. At 200,000 the idea that it’s impossible to make the error free would have some weight. But 2000? As someone with experience redacting sensitive information from documents, that’s just not that much. Give them a few weeks, by all means, but don’t act like it can’t be done.

But even more than that this just another example of the system looking out for rich people. Surrendering documents is routine in court cases, I don’t hear this kind of things all the time. Because of that I doubt that if the documents were instead financial documents belonging to poor people the judge would express the same concern. But the consequences of an error could be just as grave and just as irrevocable. It’s just that we value the reputation of rich people over the lives of poor people.


I just finished reading Kate Atkinson’s Big Sky. It seems to be based on a real child abuse scandal.


Epstein is scum, and so is Trump, but this is not a “Trump” thing, this is a “rich guys with power” thing, knows no party, no creed, no side.

There are plenty of Trump supporters who’d have no love lost if Jeffrey Epstein was pushed off a cliff but would read this article and go “fake news”.

Not sure why this is so hard to get.


It is in part because of connections to Trump. But you are right that this isn’t a Trump thing, because Epstein also has connections with Clinton. Honestly it’s enough to make you feel like a conspiracy theorist, but then you check with reality and it’s all there.


There’s likely going to be a lot of powerful men losing sleep tonight.

Let’s just hope it’s more than just one bad nights sleep they face.


2000 pages was probably two weeks worth of reading in my undergrad days. And I’m sure it will be released as low resolution scans of images taken from microfiche, just because.


I personally know a few richers that lord their wealth, social access, and power over every personal relationship that is “below” them.

It feels like the system is built on favors, go against the boss and you are cut off.


From Epstein’s perspective, he needed to take one of two strategies to keep himself out of jail. The first is total secrecy, which is hard to do and which he certainly didn’t do.

The second is to make sure that other rich and powerful people either owed him favors or were implicated to at least a small extent in his crimes. That was clearly the approach he took, and based on his jail sentence it seems to have worked in his favor.

Not to the extent that he would have wanted, of course.


At least a few references to Trump are going to be found in these files, and they’re not going to be flattering.


From Politico:
"Trump has also indicated publicly he knew of Epstein’s interest in “younger” women, although he never suggested the financier crossed any legal lines. “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy,’’ Trump told New York Magazine back in 2002. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

Some good reporting here:


Seems like a violation of the equal protection clause.

How is it a violation?

There was due process of law. No distinct class covered by that clause (race, gender, religion) was singled out. There’s no disparity between the states regarding those classes being invoked.


Yeah, seems like it’s some people finally applying the equal protection clause by not giving a person a free pass just because they are rich. If young black and indigenous men were treated the way Epstein has been by the courts US prisons would be empty.


As I understand it - there’s a strong presumption that criminal court records should be public. If you want them sealed; the burden is on you to prove why they should be sealed.

And they were needed for the plaintiffs (the underage girls) for their cases - where’s their equal protection if they’re sealed?

But yeah - the really rich guy got the protection of and special treatment of private law in his case. The best that can be done is seeing that it wasn’t a total victory.


“legal justice system”

Except, that Trump appointed the man who was responsible for sealing the Epstein files and agreeing the sweetheart deal as his Secretary of Labour–after the fact.

Bill Clinton did not.

There really are degrees of grey.


Think The Donald got in on that?