Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, 50+ more firms tell Trump to leave trans people alone


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This has been on all my feeds today. I know there are definitely issues to be had by putting our ethical front line in the hands of corporate entities, but as a trans guy that just lost the highest paying job he ever held with the DoD due to the trans issues with this administration? I’m good with it, and grateful they are standing up.


What can these companies do if Trump decides to implement his idiotic policy?

I notice Twitter is a signatory; will they ban @realDonaldTrump? (Please, please do that, Twitter!)


Add my company to the list, Papasan Inc.


They’ve been needing to do that anyway, take away his Binky


Okay, I’m happy that there are so many powerful companies lining up against him. Here’s hoping that it continues the trend of Faux News getting fewwr and fewer high-dollar advertising accounts, and really keeps starving the GOP for cash…




And all of them could stop giving the GOP money, and companies like Google could refuse to take the GOP’s money for ads.
Yes, they could.


Blimey, when Uber says you are treating people badly, one would hope it is a wake up call. It won’t be, but sheesh!


Papasan Inc; the largest producer of male sanitary products in the world?


All the best with finding an even better paid job. :+1:


Good. A bit late, maybe, but good all the same.
Here’s my hero doing the right thing to celebrate.


They’re soaking it up right now!!


Is it too late for Trump to swap to Gab? I’m sure he’d find an appreciative audience over there.


Remember when all those CEO’s dropped out of Trump’s Manufacturing Council over his handling of the Charlottesville racists? Yep I bet that really showed him, made him sit down and think for a moment, uh huh.


See, on the one hand it’s nice of them to speak out.

On the other hand, Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos… they each have enough money that any one of them could probably singlehandedly buy enough legal clout to tie up any of their proposed policy changes in court for the next decade-plus, but we all know that they won’t. So this feels very much like an empty gesture by which they’re hoping to win our goodwill without actually doing anything.


In fact, here’s an alternative translation:
“Dear trans persons,
Please continue to buy our products and use our services. The economy may or may not be on a precipice and we just want you to know it’s not our fault. Together we can save America.
Thank you,
Corporate USA”


A bit disappointed but not shocked that my employer is not on here. Being a privately held financial corporation, they tend to stay out of anything political. Still it would be nice to see them take a stand on something like this.


The problem is, their letter doesn’t speak Trump’s language. They should have keep it short and sweet:

Dear Don,

Nice website ( and Twitter handle (@realDonaldTrump) you’ve got there. It would be a real shame if they got blacklisted, or redirected to kiddie porn, just because you did something stupid re. people’s gender.

Big Tech


I got a lower paying job, but they have protections for trans folks. My wife, who is also trans did the same. I won’t make as much but they theoretically can’t screw with me. That’s a win.