Apples ranked

Or just a Fall tradition?

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They’re way off on Rockits. Size alone makes them a winner in my book, but they taste good too.

I think Fuji and Gala apples are under rated. Especially Fuji - in the red??

Granny Smith maybe deserves the spot it is in, but they do hi the spot sometimes.


That’s really interesting, when I first read this post I hadn’t thought about anything but eating them out of hand, but there are other ways of getting them into my belly, and it makes perfect sense that a mealy texture would lend itself to being squeezed out than would a hard apple. The same goes for MacIntosh - my grandmother always taught me that, along with a green apple or two for added flavor, the Mac was best for pie because of the way it cooked down.

That being said, I was still disappointed to see my personal favorite, the Braeburn, listed as only mediocre, and the Gravenstock not even listed. It’s all a matter of personal taste I suppose, like liver and onions but with fruit.


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They are commentable.

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i actually think Autumn harvest are delicious.

I do think we should all agree that Honeycrisp is the most overrated apple ever developed.

I prefer Fuji and Gala. My wife loves baking with Braeburns, but they’ve become increasingly hard to find.

And in defense of poor Red Delicious: something happened to them in the last couple decades, because back in the '70s, a locally-grown, right-off-the-tree, only-in-the-store-a-few-months-a-year Red Delicious was nearly perfect. Sweet, juicy, crunchy, the quintessential apple. Factory farming fucked it up. Like a war hero in a wheelchair, it should be honored and mourned for what was, not scorned and mocked for what it is.
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Pippins grown in the northwest (which are the only ones I’ve ever had any contact with being as I’m on the west coast) are an excellent apple for making pies.
Couple things:
I spent most of the 80’s and all of the 90’s working as a produce person for a large chain. You’ll have to believe me, but MOST of the time (McIntosh apples excluded) when pretty much any variety of apples are picked, packed, chilled and shipped in season from WA, OR or CA, they are all pretty good to great for eating. Even the dreaded red delicious or golden. Some are far better than others, like Fuji.
That window is pretty narrow, however. And what we get the rest of the time are apples that come from massive climate controlled cold storage facilities where they are kept until shipped under a chill just above freezing. Some varieties will do OK with this and are still good.
When that stock runs out, apples will be packed, chilled and shipped from the southern hemisphere - Chili, New Zealand, South Africa, etc… to the northern hemisphere.

An apple is an excellent thing - until you have tried a peach .

—George du Maurier

How do they like them apples?

A apple ranking list which does not rank Cox Orange Pippin, Boskoop and Berlepsch is not to be trusted.

Especially for anyone who likes baked apples, apple pies of any sort, and a proper strudel.

Oh damn, I am hungry now.

Question for anyone in the UK: how’s your apple harvest this year?

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They also failed to include Gravensteins, which are great for making applesauce.

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(Spoiling the bunch.)

I have noticed it’s all about apples you eat (raw). I prefer apples for baking, cooking, making applesauce out of, and so on.

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The best apples are hard cider.