April 29, 1992 (Miami), 25 years ago


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But it’s horrifying when black people sing about crime.




That’s probably my favorite Sublime song of all time.


yo, i have the 12" of What I Got with this on it as a bonus track.

25 years --Cot damn!


I am a pretty tolerant guy, musically, but I have always disliked this song and this band. Overrated does not even begin to describe it.


That’s why I like them.


Those white boys got soul.


I dunno, not a huge fan of the band, but LOVE “What I Got”.


Just going to leave this here: Jonah Ray on his intense, burning hatred for Sublime’s “What I Got”


I can play the guitar like a MOTHERFUCKING RIOT
plinka plink plink plunka ponk


But he clearly says “April 26th”, and the dispatch clearly says “Anaheim”.


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