Arby's cashier fired after calling customer "f**" on receipt

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So, as the cashier, the kid knew the customer is going to see this. So why do this unless he planned specifically for them to see it, and to specifically hurt them?


A. Kids are stupid
B. The assumption is that people never look at their receipts, especially since kids don’t (I didn’t)


I bet the cashier will have an easy time finding a new job at Chick-fil-A. Perhaps up through management level.


You’d have to have never played an online video game to be surprised that teens like to be assholes to other people.


This is a reminder that there are still many parts of the country in 2021 where teenagers still use this word as a “clever” insult.


well thank you, Arby’s. i for one appreciate this swift response.


If you read the full article at the link, the couple is not “satisfied” with Arby’s response. Their food was comped and the punk was fired on-the-spot. The company then issued an unequivocal statement supporting the decision, and a corporate rep has left voicemail messages attempting to reach them.
What the hell else do they expect?



No, not really. Kids often reflect the influences they are exposed to, but also have volition and empathy. Choosing not to exercise empathy is a choice and has nothing to do with youth. If a kid is exposed to and encouraged in hate speech, they will likely regurgitate it, but it is still their choice to do so. If a child is taught empathy and compassion, they may still choose hatred, but are much less likely to do so… and the choice is still theirs.


You’d have to have never been a teenager to not know that teenagers can be assholes.


To live in a society in which violent discrimination isn’t a facet of daily life?

For people and corporations to be more accountable than simply firing a kid and washing their hands of it?

For companies like Arby’s to be proactive in their policies and training so as to eliminate situations like this as much as possible?


This is an excellent point. There’s a few things Arby’s could do:

  1. Modify the program that lets you type a customer’s name so common slurs can’t be entered.
  2. Add a routine in your training program to train your employees to not refer to customers with words like that.
  3. Change your culture to celebrate the diversity of your employees. As much as we’re all sick of companies flashing a rainbow to show how much they “care”, I respect companies who treasure and emphasize how the diversity of their employees is an asset.

Yes, an individual contains multitudes and many influences. However, being young can come with a number of additional factors like impulsiveness. While I never did anything like that, even an over anxious wreck like I was in my youth made stupid impulsive choices. Kids do stupid things, like costing themselves jobs they may not have even wanted by reflecting cultural biases they learned from various sources.

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impulsiveness ≠ hate

As do adults. The myth that children are somehow worse behaved or more cruel than adults is something that simply can’t be substantiated.

I’m assuming no one in the C-suite at these companies is under 20 years old.

Again, this isn’t a function of youth, but a culture of hatred.


Does it really need to be notated that one doesn’t put mayo on brisket?


That’s going to be awkward when he has to tell them, “My pleasure.”


If you’re old enough to take orders at Arby’s, you’re old enough to know that homophobic behavior has no place in the workplace. No “kids will be kids” bullshit.


To not be called a slur when buying dinner? :woman_shrugging:


The first point is the one easier to do, but isa clbuttic source of of problem and doesn’t stop people to find creative ways to write slurs, like Incontinentia Deretana or Mentula Caput. (*)

The second point is feasible if people employed isn’t only minimum wage/high turnover, and that there’s a comprehensive training, because minimum wage people and ill trained aren’t very prone to make a quality work, especially if mistreated.

Third point, it’s difficult to achieve if the second point is missing.

(*)maybe got citations wrong


I don’t think anyone is saying that but rather that with time comes opportunity for reflection and chances to grow as a person beyond one’s previous limitations therefore more time to be alive in = more opportunities to grow.

Are we rejecting the idea that people can grow and change as they progress to and through adulthood? That seems… an extreme position and a rather depressing and nihilistic one?